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2X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services 3.0 - Load balancing for Windows Terminal Services, Subcategory: Remote Computing
Price: 350 OS: WinXP,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 2396 KB Version: 3.0
Load balancing, increased security and redundancy for your Terminal Services Since Microsoft Terminal Services Servers support many users, it's important to ensure that each Terminal Server is fully redundant and that the load is distributed between servers ensuring optimal service quality for users. 2X LoadBalancer for Windows Terminal Services allows you to easily load balance RDP/ICA sessions between Terminal Servers and provide fault tolerance. In addition, if you are allowing users to login from the internet, you can hide the backend terminal services from the internet and just expose one single gateway machine - thereby drastically increasing security of your Terminal Servers. With 2X LoadBalancer, users can be reconnected to their disconnected sessions easily. No need to setup the complex session directory. 2X LoadBalancer features: Resource based load balancing Ensures redundancy of Terminal Servers Reconnects users to disconnected sessions Supports Microsoft Terminal Services and Citrix.
Access Remote PC Download - access your computer from anywhere Access Remote PC 4.5 - access your computer from anywhere, Subcategory: Remote Computing
Price: $35.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1244 KB Version: 4.5
Access Remote PC is an easy to use server/client based remote control program, that enables you to access and control your PC from anywhere in the world. You can view the desktop in real-time and navigate it with your mouse as if you were sitting in front of it. The program allows you to define multiple password protected accounts, each with either full access or view-only. Remote PC Access uses SRP technology to provide secure authentication and key exchange and to prevent unauthorized access to your computer. Additional features include clipboard transfer, list of active connections and NT Service support.
Amiga Explorer 2005 - Connect an Amiga with one or more PCs, Subcategory: Remote Computing
Price: 19.95 OS: Windows Size: 2137 KB Version: 2005
Connect an Amiga with one or more PCs, and access Amiga resources (e.g. files, floppy and hard disk images, ROM transfer, etc.) from the Windows desktop. Now with a revolutionary self-install technology that requires no additional Amiga software (PC filing system, terminal software, etc.) Supports serial and TCP/IP connections, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Available in a standalone package or as part of Amiga Forever.
Anyplace Control Download - remote control network computers Anyplace Control 2.7 - remote control network computers, Subcategory: Remote Computing
Price: $29.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1131 KB Version: 2.7
Anyplace Control is a remote control program that allows you to view or control the desktop of a remote computer. In full control mode, you can use your mouse and keyboard to control the other PC, just as if you were sitting in front of it. The program offers different color depth settings, so you can choose between best quality or fastest performance, depending on your network conditions. In addition to full control, you can also restart, shut down or log off the remote computer(s), and connect to more than one machine simultaneously. Anyplace Control offers optional encryption of all data streams, as well as password protected access to prevent unauthorized use or interception. The program is easy to use and works well.
Atelier Web Remote Commander Download - remote computing tool Atelier Web Remote Commander 5.01 - remote computing tool, Subcategory: Remote Computing
Price: $49.95 (Free Trial) OS: NT/2000/XP Size: 1846 KB Version: 5.01
Atelier Web Remote Commander (AWRC) is a remote control software that allows you to access a PC. What makes AWRC different is that it does not require that you install any kind of software on the remote machine. In order to make this work, the remote computer must be NT based and you must have log-in credentials for an administrator account. The program provides a large variety of administrative functions and system information for the remote machine, inluding hardware information, running processes, services, physical memory and more. You can operate the remote desktop with your mouse, just as if you were sitting in front of it. Additional features include chat, access control, remote shutdown and more.
BrowseAmp Download - remote control for WinAmp BrowseAmp 2.10 - remote control for WinAmp, Subcategory: Remote Computing
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 910 KB Version: 2.10
BrowseAmp allows you to remote control WinAmp from your web bowser. It offers a wide range of control options, including browsing for tracks, playlists, volume control and all standard playback functions. You can access the remote interface from anywhere on the network or even the Internet, however this can also be restricted to specified IP ranges and users. You can create user accounts and assign individual privileges and access rights to each user, giving him/her full or restricted access to the control functions. BrowseAmp works as a plug-in for WinAmp and is easy to use/install. Additional features include web skin options, optional file uploads, cover display (current song), shutdown/reboot options and more.
DESKcam Download - publish your desktop DESKcam 0.1 - publish your desktop, Subcategory: Remote Computing
Price: Free OS: Win 98 Size: 799 KB Version: 0.1
DESKcam is a very small and easy to use http server, that can publish a current screenshot of the computer it is running on to any web browser. See what your desktop looks like when you re not home or use it for tech support issues or any other task that requires remote viewing of the users screen. Free for personal use.
DOSRDP Download - DOS based terminal service client DOSRDP 2.4 - DOS based terminal service client, Subcategory: Remote Computing
Price: $49.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 484 KB Version: 2.4
DOSRDP is a Remote Desktop protocol client for the DOS platform. You can run it under MSDOS or WINDOWS 95/98/XP boot floppy disk. The program is fast and offers a low cost alternative to access terminal services. You also can use it to do a safe remote control in a clean floppy boot disk environment. Poorly documented.
Emco Remote CmdLine Download - remote commandline tool Emco Remote CmdLine 2.0 - remote commandline tool, Subcategory: Remote Computing
Price: $465.00 (Free Trial) OS: NT/2000/XP Size: 2315 KB Version: 2.0
Emco Remote CmdLine allows to execute commands on multiple remote computers simultaneously. Centralize the management of remote desktops, execute packages and scripts (.exe, .bat, .cmd .msi, .vbs, .js) for unattended installations like service packs and more. You can work with a group of machines at the same time under a privileged account. Actions supported include Run Process, Kill Process, Logoff/Reboot/Shutdown Delay, File operations (Copy, Move, Delete, Rename) and merge of registry files. You can also initiate a dialog to notify users of operations and give them options to accept or deny.
Ideal Administration Download - centralized network management Ideal Administration 5.42 - centralized network management, Subcategory: Remote Computing
Price: $380.00 (Free Trial) OS: NT/2000/XP Size: 5428 KB Version: 5.42
Ideal Administration offers centralized administration for Windows NT/2000/2003 domains. It simplifies the administration of Windows NT/2000/2003 networks by integrating all functionalities needed to manage user accounts, servers and domains. The product allows remote control of your Windows NT/2000/XP/9x systems, including user password migration between NT/2000 domains, TSE & Exchange (5.5 & 2000) management, Active Directory management (OU, Windows 2000 groups, Windows 2000 user properties)and management of trusted relationships. It also allows to create or modify NT services/devices on several computers at once as well as transfer between servers, computers, groups, users, shares and printers. Additional features include database recording of user properties, groups and shared folders, daily recording of sessions and opened files, command line operation and more. Ideal Administration looks very similar to the Windows 2000 "Manage Computer" MSC and provides access to almost all administrative functions for the entire domain from a single, easy to use interface.
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