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40tude Dialog Download - Usenet newsreader 40tude Dialog 2.0 Beta 38 - Usenet newsreader, Subcategory: Newsreaders/Usenet
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 3912 KB Version: 2.0 Beta 38
40tude Dialog is a newsreader (Usenet) with Unicode support. It comes with a customizable interface, color coded messages, support for multiple servers and identities, filtering and much more. It supports binary attachments, decodes and encodes attachments using Mime (Base64) and has built-in video, image and HTML viewers. Additional features include import/export, bookmarks, address book, signature support and much more. Nice, modern interface and tons of features.
ASP1-A3 2.0 - newsgroup downloader, Subcategory: Newsreaders/Usenet
Price: $29.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 2657 KB Version: 2.0
A Usenet anti-spam picture downloading,picture collecting utility! Supports collecting and verifying with MTCM-CSV, includes integrated version of WJT jpeg tester, unlimited sub-string anti-spam blacklist, unlimited `already downloaded files` list, unlimited folders to check for duplicates, ignoring articles by number of crossposts, and much more!
Binary Boy Download - search Usenet newsgroups Binary Boy 1.93 - search Usenet newsgroups, Subcategory: Newsreaders/Usenet
Price: $29.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 737 KB Version: 1.93
Binary Boy searches usenet newsgroups for pictures, sounds, programs and other file attachments matching your search criteria, then decodes and assembles the files automatically. On a 28.8k connection, Binary Boy can discard thousands of unwanted subjects in just a few minutes. The built-in scheduler can call your news server at a preset time, such as late at night, search for files and hang up when it`s finished. Each scheduled event can trigger daily or on a specific date . Create a custom search and filter string for each newsgroup as well as search globally. .. and more. The program also includes BBNet - a peer-to-peer file sharing network for Binary Boy users.
Blog Navigator 1.2 - Program for browsing blog sites., Subcategory: Newsreaders/Usenet
Price: 0.00 OS: WinXP,Windows2000 Size: 1093 KB Version: 1.2
Blog Navigator is a program designed to make it easy for users who enjoy reading blogs (short for 'web logs') to read and organize them. Blog Navigator works by reading RSS feeds and displaying them in a clean, easy to understand way. It includes a host of different news and blog sites for users to read through. Blog Navigator is arguably the most advanced program of its kind and it's free. For example, Blog Navigator has the ability to pre-load all the articles on a given blog site to speed up reading. It also has a host of off-line reading features in which a blog site can be exported into a magazine-like format. Notable features of Blog Navigator include: - It's free! (as in really free, no 'ads', no spyware, no nonsense) - Can pre-load an entire blog site to make reading much faster - Included Tabbed browser makes it easy to switch between multiple blog sites - Blog sites can be exported to a magazine-like format for off-line reading - Built in tools for searching the entire blogsphere - Different blog sites can be grouped together to create virtual web magazines - Interesting articles can be dragged and dropped into a basket for safe keeping - Auto-RSS detection. Websites that have RSS feeds on them can be automatically detected in many cases - Can import OPML and other common files (makes it easy to share settings between various RSS readers) Just a few of the version 1.2 adds/changes/fixes: - Added support blog editing in offline mode with postponed article sending. - Added "Print", "Print preview"" and "Page setup" to "File" menu. - Added support for enclosures (podcasting). Users can now download any files attached to their RSS feeds. - Menus for selection of style of article or newspaper/group displaying now indicates what style is selected. - Added ability to mark a Favorite as important (flag it). - Added an option to create favorites folders just like any other BN folders. - Save as added to Article editor.
Express NewsPictures Download - Usenet image downloader Express NewsPictures 2.31 - Usenet image downloader, Subcategory: Newsreaders/Usenet
Price: $35.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1234 KB Version: 2.31
Express NewsPictures is a powerful newsreader specifically designed for downloading images from picture usenet newsgroups. The program downloads articles with images inside, decodes them and saves on your hard drive. It filters spam, leaving only those articles that contain real images. Express NewsPictures lets you preview the downloaded pictures and shrink or scroll the picture if it doesn t fit in the preview window. A unique filtering capability lets you filter newsgroups and messages based on keywords you specify helping to avoid the content you may find offensive. The program comes packed with a set of keywords to filter off adult content and you can easily edit these filters, add your own keywords or remove all of them completely and rely on your own common sense. It can work with usenet groups via a proxy server and supports multiple news accounts. Other features include server authentication support and built-in picture viewer.
GrabIt Download - newsgroup file downloader GrabIt 1.5.1 beta - newsgroup file downloader, Subcategory: Newsreaders/Usenet
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 1271 KB Version: 1.5.1 beta
GrabIt is a free application that finds pictures, movies, MP3 files, software and games on USENET news servers. The program features automatic batch downloading, advanced error checking, filter options, proxy support and more. You can also choose to save the downloaded files with a custom prefix and resume broken downloads.
MAPILab NNTP for Outlook Download - newsgroups access for Outlook MAPILab NNTP for Outlook 1.31 - newsgroups access for Outlook, Subcategory: Newsreaders/Usenet
Price: $24.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 4922 KB Version: 1.31
MAPILab NNTP for Outlook allows you to read and post messages to newsgroups from within Microsoft Outlook. The program fully integrates with Outlook, and newsgroup features are similar to the newsgroup implementation in Outlook Express. It supports all message formats (plain text, RTF, HTML) and displays newsgroup messages in the same way Outlook displays your email, which is further customizable with standard Outlook view and folder options. NNTP for Outlook is a fully-functional MAPI transport, therefore your news server account works in the same way as an account for Microsoft Exchange Server or a POP3/SMTP account and it is managed through common Send/Receive menu. It is also fully compatible with Exchange Server and can optionally be used to share newsgroups for co-workers through public folders.
Market News Analyzer 1.2.2 - Market News Analyzer. RSS news feeds., Subcategory: Newsreaders/Usenet
Price: 149.95 OS: Win9x,WinME,WinXP,WinNT,Win2k,Win2003 Size: 11003 KB Version: 1.2.2
OLSOFT has released Market News Analyzer that analyses market and any other news. The news is downloaded from free or fee-based sources in xml, rss, atom formats. Using Market New Analyzer you can monitor how news correlate with the prices, why the news explosions taken place and manipulate the knowledge mined from the news. The program allows having immediate alarm when some information or your company name has appeared in the world news stream. The user may rate the news according to its importance and then build the chart displaying the influence of the news on different market, politics and other factors. It is also possible to build the statistics of news by different categories and topics. Such statistics allows viewing the splashes of news in one or another sphere. Market News Analyzer can provide you with monitoring of more than 8000 stocks. You may set filter and see only the stocks that generated news for the last time. In due course you can accumulate your own news archive and research how news correlated with the prices or other time lines and how you are to react to some profile of news. The user may quickly research the stocks using famous stock research providers. Now there are five providers of financial information set in the Stock Research: Yahoo!Finance, MSN.Money, Bloomberg,, Reuters. Input a ticker into a ticker field and all web pages related to this stock will be quickly browsed for the information. Investment into the Market News Analyzer is the investment into your transparences of the social, financial, medical environment and many others fields.
MP3 Grouppie Download - download MP3 files from newsgroups MP3 Grouppie 0.9 - download MP3 files from newsgroups, Subcategory: Newsreaders/Usenet
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 864 KB Version: 0.9
MP3 Grouppie helps you download MP3 files from the thousands available on the internet newsgroups. Articles are summarized and available MP3 files are listed. With MP3 Grouppie you can also listen to a preview before downloading a complete file, so you don't waste time getting new music you don't really like.
News File Grabber Download - newsgroups file downloader News File Grabber 2.4.04 - newsgroups file downloader, Subcategory: Newsreaders/Usenet
Price: $19.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1176 KB Version: 2.4.04
News File Grabber is a tool for downloading and extracting attachments from Newsgroups on the USENET. You can download and extract all attachments from a newsgroup, filter articles and specify what files are to be downloaded and also combine articles across multiple newsgroups or servers. News File Grabber supports various decoding schemes, including MIME, UUE, Base64 and YEnc (also multi-part files). The program allows you to automatically or manually combine multi-part articles to extract the attachments. Additional features include support for multiple servers, download resuming, message caching, favorites, integrated picture viewer and more.
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