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ftp 4 webmasters Download - automatic FTP downloader ftp 4 webmasters 1.2 - automatic FTP downloader, Subcategory: FTP Programs
Price: $39.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1146 KB Version: 1.2
ftp 4 webmasters is a FTP download client designed to connect to a web host, download a file (e.g server log) and then invoke a command on the downloaded file. IN addition, it can optionally remove the original from the server (after downloading it) and de/compress common archive formats. A typical scenario for using the program would be to set the schedule to connect to the FTP server, download a log file, decompress it and then start your favorite log analyzer to process it via commandline. In addition, the program can synchronize a local website with the web host by uploading only new or changed files and deleting files that you have removed locally. A unique feature enables you to create a history of your web site versions by zipping the entire site into a .zip file after each update (also good for backup). Additional features include encrypted FTP credentials and more.
FTP Assistant Download - FTP web site updater FTP Assistant 3.3 - FTP web site updater, Subcategory: FTP Programs
Price: $25.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 1003 KB Version: 3.3
FTP Assistant is a FTP client specialized for web site updating. It can suggest files for upload, test links, optimize (compress) HTML and GIF files and keep cached information of site's contents for offline viewing. It is easy to use and has an Explorer-style interface with drag&drop capabilities. The program has several additional unique features that are useful for webmasters, for example Site Cleanup, an Activity Planner and others.
FTP Commander 7.67 - Simple and easy to use ftp client, Subcategory: FTP Programs
Price: 0 OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 670 KB Version: 7.67
The no-frills FTP Commander offers an interface consisting of two side-by-side panels representing the local computer and the FTP server. The latter contains a list of about a dozen preset FTP servers. To establish a connection, select the server you want on the list and push the Connect button. You can preconfigure a list of most frequently accessed servers and make your life even easier. You can also execute two-way file exchanges and activate multiple downloads.

FTP Commander also lets you run programs located on local disks or view documents. It allows you to delete, rename, and copy files; create and delete directories in the FTP server; and work in command-line mode. A session log file is also available.

And what's more, the program is absolutely free and does not contain any annoying ad banners.

FTP Control Download - FTP Control 4.5 - , Subcategory: FTP Programs
Price: $10.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 4687 KB Version: 4.5
FTP Control is a powerful FTP program with just about every feature you can imagine. It is available in 3 different pricing/feature levels: FTP Control Lite ($10) supports the basic functions required to upload files to the Internet, including server profiles, FTP browsing and file transfers. FTP Control Pro ($29) adds the ability to resume broken links or aborted transfers, bookmarks, MRU and proxy support, remote commands and attribute settings, plus a queuing system that allows you to specify a collection of files to be transfered in unattended mode. FTP Control Power ($49) allows direct file transfers between two remote servers, multiple simultaneous open FTP connections and sessions, and support for .ZIP file compression, as well as scrambling and encryption of files. It also lets you create scripts to perform complex file transfers, schedule them for attended or unattended operations, and even turn the scripts into executable files that can be distributed to others, and run on machines that don t have FTP Control Power. The program includes a Scripting Wizard and 60 sample scripts. FTP control has a comfortable interface and performs very fast, the Power version provides all the FTP tools you could possibly ask for at a reasonable price.
FTP Desktop Download - integrated FTP client FTP Desktop 3.6.3 - integrated FTP client, Subcategory: FTP Programs
Price: $39.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 874 KB Version: 3.6.3
FTP Desktop allows you to integrate FTP sites with Windows Explorer and access them as if they were folders on your computer. FTP sites become like folders on your disk and you can simply drag files into them to upload or perform other file management features from within Explorer. You can view or edit remote files without having to download them first, cut and paste files and more. FTP Desktop also supports advanced features like batch transfers, command log viewer, Unix permissions, passive mode, custom commands, proxy connections, MD4, MD5 (S/Key) password encryption, site-to-site file transfers and much more. The program is easy to use and makes FTP transfers a snap, while still providing enough features to accommodate advanced users.
FTP Navigator 7.70 - Use this powerful FTP client, Subcategory: FTP Programs
Price: 20 OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 640 KB Version: 7.70
The program lets you upload and download data or delete one or more files, including whole folders along with subdirectories. It can also automatically resume and complete file transfers, which for some reason, have been interrupted, or periodically attempt to connect with the FTP server if the pervious link was unsuccessful. Servers usually break off a connection automatically when the user is inactive for more than a specified period of time. The program includes a command that allows you to "keep connection," which means that retention prompts are periodically generated to maintain the connection. It also contains a passive file transfer mode. Server directories are sometimes hidden from view, which means that the directory modification option will be extremely helpful. The properties window of the FTP server offers a number of highly convenient options: "Initial Directory on FTP Server". The service functions of the application include drag-and-pop, pop-up and a context sensitive menu, which can be called up by right-clicking the mouse. The program is compatible with Proxy, Firewall, Sockets 4, 4.5 and 5. The superb options of the program include: directory synchronization on local and remote access computers (for comparing modified or new files), a full range of keys and options to monitor command line control, manual input of FTP commands, etc. Its user-friendly interface becomes instantaneously apparent.
FTP Now Download - FTP program FTP Now 2.6.12 - FTP program, Subcategory: FTP Programs
Price: $29.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1677 KB Version: 2.6.12
FTP Now is a FTP program that is suitable for both beginners and experts. It offers a user-friendly Windows interface, and features that include bookmarks, transfer resume, CERN proxy support, connection wizard, full drag and drop support and more.
FTP Scheduler Download - automated FTP downloader FTP Scheduler 0.5.23 - automated FTP downloader, Subcategory: FTP Programs
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 960 KB Version: 0.5.23
FTP Scheduler offers automated scheduled downloads from FTP servers. It supports passive mode and manual mode and can download files based on wildcards or entire remote directories. You can schedule it at a specified time or on recurring times (e.g every 60 minutes). The files will be downloaded to a specified folder and all transactions are logged. Also supports command line options. Runs in the system tray.
FTP Shortcut Download - create Windows shortcuts to FTP sites FTP Shortcut 0.3 - create Windows shortcuts to FTP sites, Subcategory: FTP Programs
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 479 KB Version: 0.3
FTP Shortcut is a small and simple utility to make FTP Shortcuts easier to create and modify. It uses the standard FTP functionality that comes built into Windows to open FTP sites in a regular Windows Explorer view. You can create a shortcut to a site and store the login information with it (encrypted), allowing you to quickly access an FTP site from your familiar Windows interface, without the need for additional FTP software. The standard Windows file management features are available.
FTP Studio Download - FTP program FTP Studio 1.0 - FTP program, Subcategory: FTP Programs
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 2042 KB Version: 1.0
FTP Studio is a standard FTP client with an easy-to-use interface and a profile manager that can be used to select from commonly visited FTP sites. In addition to common FTP commands and options FTP Studio offers drag and drop support, directory uploading and multiple file transfers.
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