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URL Replacer Download - ISAPI add-on for IIS URL Replacer 1.0 - ISAPI add-on for IIS, Subcategory: IIS Add-ons
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 254 KB Version: 1.0
URL Replacer is a ISAPI filter for IIS that allows you to replace part of the URL with other values. You can use it to hide true file extensions or to convert query string URLs into something that looks like a directory structure (can help with search engine indexing). For example, the URL `` could be transparently converted to ``. The conversion is completely invisible to the user. URL Replacer provides an optional HTTP configuration interface.
URLSpellcheck Download - IIS add-on URLSpellcheck 1.2 - IIS add-on, Subcategory: IIS Add-ons
Price: $49.95 (Free Trial) OS: NT/2000/XP Size: 564 KB Version: 1.2
URLSpellcheck for IIS allows for URL redirection based on spelling mistakes. It solves often invisible link errors, caused by spelling errors and ensures that end-users get to the desired page on a Web site. URLSpellcheck can automatically fix small typos such as missing characters, transposed characters, wrong characters, and extra characters very easily and redirect users to the correct URL. Complex matches that substitute file names such as filename.htm to filename.asp are also possible, allowing developers to switch site technologies quickly without the need to manually implement redirects. When multiple matches for a URL correction are possible, a template shows users the various available pages instead of a 404 page. In addition, you can even map filenames without extensions to their correct pages allowing you to create shortcut-style link with easy to remember names. URLSpellcheck installs easily and is available from the IIS web site properties dialog as a new tab that provides access to configuration options.
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