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FlowBreeze Flowchart Software Download - FlowBreeze Flowchart Software for MS Office FlowBreeze Flowchart Software 1.0.6 - FlowBreeze Flowchart Software for MS Office, Subcategory: Graphics/Photo Editors
Price: 29.95 OS: WinXP,Windows2000 Size: 2944 KB Version: 1.0.6
FlowBreeze Flowcharting Software is a 100% MS Office integrated tool for making flow charts the fast, easy, and affordable way. FlowBreeze Flowchart Software lets you Just Type the Text. FlowBreeze Flow Chart Software converts the text into flowchart shapes, adds flow lines, and formats the drawing automatically. It lets you generate flowcharts in Excel, then easily copy and paste them into Word, PowerPoint, and other Microsoft applications as native Microsoft Drawing objects. With over 400 million Microsoft Office users worldwide, FlowBreeze is the perfect process flow mapping tool for collaboration with co-workers, customers, and vendors. FlowBreeze integrates with Excel, making it a wonderful analysis tool for true Process Mapping, letting you easily map cost and quality attributes to process steps on the same worksheet - the same functionality found in process mapping tools 5-10X the price of FlowBreeze. Whether you're a small company documenting your processes on the way to E-Myth mastery or a large company looking for an effective flowcharting solution, FlowBreeze can save you time and money. Unlike the $200-$300 drawing software packages, FlowBreeze is not designed to draw electrical schematics, plumbing diagrams, or other specialized drawings. Instead, FlowBreeze is designed to do one thing, and do it well: Draw Flow Charts. FlowBreeze users get a 2-3X time savings with the unique text-to-flowchart capability. Additionally, FlowBreeze has other time savings features like the ability to create a flowchart symbol key in one click, automatic flow chart shape sizing, and automatic flowchart connector routing. Lastly, a popular features of FlowBreeze Flowchart Software is the ability to create process flowcharts on the fly from existing work instructions, procedures, or other process documentation written in Word (or some other word processor) by simply copying all the existing text and pasting it into the FlowBreeze interactive flowcharting environment.
Focus Photoeditor Download - image editing and retouching Focus Photoeditor 4.1.1 - image editing and retouching, Subcategory: Graphics/Photo Editors
Price: $50.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 10281 KB Version: 4.1.1
Focus Photoeditor is a feature rich graphics and photo editing solution for Painting and Retouching as well as Image Processing. it offers customizable brushes, more than 30 Filters/Effects/Deformations, gradients patterns, painting, magic wand and many other standard and advanced features. Focus Photoeditor also supports layers and offers a light studio to apply effects like Elliptic Hotspot, Supernova and others. The program offers by far more then you would expect for only $20 and provides a complete package for advanced editing work.
FotoBalloon Standard Download - add annotations to your photos FotoBalloon Standard - add annotations to your photos, Subcategory: Graphics/Photo Editors
Price: $34.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 2950 KB Version:
FotoBalloon Standard is an easy-to-use imaging tool, that allows you to add simple balloon-style annotations to your images without degrading the quality of the image. The balloons can be of different color and either rounded or rectangle shape, and moved freely around the image by dragging of the shape. The program offers a dynamic and a static mode. The dynamic mode allows you to add balloons that are embedded in the file, but do not alter the image quality - these balloons can only be seen if the viewer downloads a special viewing software (free). It also allows you to display your annotations in an animated sequence, and allows the viewer to hide the annotations. The static mode allows you to export the annotated image to a regular graphic file, with the balloon permanently added to the image, and does not require any special viewing software.
FotoFinish Download - photo editor FotoFinish 3.01 - photo editor, Subcategory: Graphics/Photo Editors
Price: $69.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 6926 KB Version: 3.01
FotoFinish (formerly SmartDraw Photo) provides a quick and easy way to organize, enhance, print, and share your digital photos. At the same time, it works as a powerful graphics editor for creating and editing images or web graphics. You can easily organize your photos into albums with custom names and descriptions, view thumbnail previews, or use the step-by-step wizard tools to touch up, rotate, crop and resize your photos, or to apply special effects like blur, emboss, and more. The effect wizard uses an approach that creates small preview images with the effect already applied, rather than letting you guess which one would look best. In addition, you can edit and touch up your photos, create images from scratch or use the 1500+ stock photos, buttons and textures, that are included free. Additional features include printing from ready-to use templates, a free, built-in, web sharing service and one-click web publishing.
FrameShow Download - digital photo framing FrameShow 1.2 - digital photo framing, Subcategory: Graphics/Photo Editors
Price: $24.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 7003 KB Version: 1.2
FrameShow allows you to easily frame your digital photos, using a large collection of realistic and stylish frames. You can resize the photo or frame, using sliders and browse the frame gallery by category to find a frame that matches the picture and purpose. The image can then be saved to file in popular formats, embedded in your desktop wallpaper (cool), sent via email or printed. Additional frames can be downloaded from an online gallery. Very easy to use with great looking results.
FunPhotor Download - create fun image blending effects FunPhotor 2.6 - create fun image blending effects, Subcategory: Graphics/Photo Editors
Price: $29.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 6055 KB Version: 2.6
FunPhotor is a fun software that allows you to create professional looking image blending effects. You can insert faces into provided templates, put your face on a dollar bill, make James Bond look like your sister, put grandma in a space suite and much more. The program provides a large collection of ready-to-use templates, and you can also easily create your own from any photo. FunPhotor does not require any graphical expertise, as it offers a step-by-step interface and easy to use controls to adjust the inserted image so that it matches the template in size, position and color.
FxFoto Download - photo editor FxFoto 2.1.049 - photo editor, Subcategory: Graphics/Photo Editors
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 1844 KB Version: 2.1.049
FxFoto allows you to edit, correct and improve your digital images. You can import your photos directly from your camera, or from a local folder. The editing interface is divided into several sections, and allows you to improve your image in various ways by correcting common mishaps like red-eye and improper white balance, as well as skin blemishes and more. You can also apply different filters to make your picture look older (sepia), software, sharper, textured and more. In addition, FxFoto allows you to add text to the photo, draw objects and send optimized images by email. All these features can be used for free, however the program also offers some additional features like image collages, CD presentations, advanced slideshows and others, which require a purchase of the Deluxe version (if desired).
GFX Alchemy Download - image editing suite GFX Alchemy 2.1 - image editing suite, Subcategory: Graphics/Photo Editors
Price: $39.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 10645 KB Version: 2.1
Alchemy is an all-in-one solution for image editing, conversion, and viewing. It supports 140+ image formats and offers more than 60 special effects and filters, as well as support for Photoshop plug-ins, batch format conversion, image optimization, redaction and more. The program also comes with a complete set of standard image editing features, as well as image annotations, screen capture, HTML image maps, slideshow, ready-to-use image stamps, red-eye removal and more. GFX Alchemy also includes a Video Contructor and Decompiler, that allows you to extract frames from videos.
GrafxShop Download - image editor GrafxShop 2.4 - image editor, Subcategory: Graphics/Photo Editors
Price: $30.99 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 12983 KB Version: 2.4
GrafxShop is an imaging and photo editing software, that allows you to edit your graphics or photos, add effects, apply filters and more. It uses most of the common editing features, including different selection types, drawing tools, blend tools and brushes as well as support for vector layers, alpha blending and more. Additional features include screen capture, thumbnail browser, image slideshow, Twain support and more. GrafxShop is only able to open one image at a time, which limits your creativity and editing options. Furthermore it does not support GIF format, which is usually supported by every commercial imaging package we've seen. Overall, the program provides a good set of features, but comes in a heavily skinned interface and with very basic documentation.
Grandmommys Finger Painter Download - paint program for kids Grandmommys Finger Painter 1.0 - paint program for kids, Subcategory: Graphics/Photo Editors
Price: $22.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 7150 KB Version: 1.0
Grandmommys Finger Painter is a simple paint program that is designed to be used by children under 12. It offers basic drawing tools, including brushes and editing features such as cropping, and rotation. It only allows pictures to be edited that have been created by the software, thereby avoiding that the child accidentally ruins the family photo album. Besides that and a MS Agent Peedy character that provides spoken comments, the software offers little child specific features. We would have expected much larger buttons and kid friendly dialogs, but Finger Painter looks more like a regular paint program - just with a very limited set of features. It can only save to BMP format.
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