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TrueTerm Thesaurus PC 5.0 - TrueTerm Thesaurus- PC, Subcategory: Data Query & Management
Price: 69.95 OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 5093 KB Version: 5.0
Editable, monolingual dictionary of synonyms : Demoversion German, English (GB/US), Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese (incl. Brazilian), Dutch and Swedish. Fullversion between 50,000 and 280,000 keywords and synonyms. The dictionary entry with synonyms starts with a context word that shows you for which meaning the synonyms can be used. Specific user data can be viewed separately in the user dictionary or together with the original data in the dictionary. American words are also marked. Ideal for looking up and remembering words with the same sense and for creating text on a particular subject. Also available for WindowsCE, PocketPC2003, Mobile Edtion and PalmOS!
Waha! Transformer Lite 2.2 - Transform the data to fit your needs., Subcategory: Data Query & Management
Price: 99.95 OS: WinXP,Windows2000 Size: 16085 KB Version: 2.2
Customer data, sales data, order data, classification data, sales results, budget administration, various testing data, questionarie tabulation, etc. Transforms data to fit your needs while simplifying everyday data processing with just one click. Waha! Transformer Lite is a tool that frees you from messy data conversions without any programming. This automatic data transformer can access to various databases and extract any necessary data by specifying conditions. Complicated data transformation can be done just by creating a so-called 'job', which is made by combining seven kinds of already-made 'data transformation parts (View-Filter)'. Created 'jobs' are visualized in a simple data-flow-diagram for easy understanding. Waha! Transformer's Merits - Once you define the transformation process for a given set of data, all it takes is a single click, resulting in a dramatically saving of time. - Flexibility when a process procedure changes. - Intuitive data flow to display a processing procedure and easily pass on to others.
WinSQL Lite Download - database query tool WinSQL Lite - database query tool, Subcategory: Data Query & Management
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 15952 KB Version:
WinSQL Lite is a database client that can connect to any database through ODBC. It provides an interface that allows you to run queries, create tables, browse data, edit/insert records and more. The multi-tabbed interface allows you to manage multiple queries and switch between the results. WinSQL Lite also offers syntax highlighting for SQL scripts and can display query results in in grid or a text box. You can even export your results to a template based HTML page using a wizard interface. Additional wizards are offered for Update/Insert and New table. A Pro version is also available that offers some additional features like database specific plug-ins, data export, catalog printing and more. The Lite version however will be perfectly suited for the average users, it can connect to virtually any database that supports generic ODBC connections. The Pro version can connect via ODBC as well as database specific connections.
XpressProps Download - manage SQL Server extended properties XpressProps - manage SQL Server extended properties, Subcategory: Data Query & Management
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 4379 KB Version:
XpressProps is a utility manage extended properties of MicrosoftR SQL Server objects. Microsoft SQL Server2000 allows you to store extended properties along with most types of database objects. These can be used to store object-specific information within your database, for example notes, object descriptions and similar information. XpressProps allows you to easily create and view these extended properties using an interface that supports plain text, as well as rich text including font formatting, image objects and more. Additional features include printing and support for large objects by splitting and storing them as multiple extended property components.
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