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ExamXML Download - compare XML files ExamXML 3.25 - compare XML files, Subcategory: XML Editors
Price: $29.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 456 KB Version: 3.25
ExamXML enables you to visually compare XML files, using a side-by-side viewer, that highlights the differences. It can compare XML from file sources, and also import from a database, using ODBC and a custom SQL query - the output is automatically converted to XML. You can synchronize elements, merge XML files, add elements from one source to the other and also replace elements. Additional features include XML validation, export to Excel, normalizing of data and number fields, saving of XML fragments/differences, excluded elements and more.
File Commander PRO 1.2 - Useful file functionalities for XMLSpy!, Subcategory: XML Editors
Price: 20 OS: WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000 Size: 588 KB Version: 1.2
Simply add File Commander PRO to the XMLSpy IDE as PlugIn to enhance the usability of the application with things like reloading opened files on startup, a history of opened files and an integrated file explorer. The PlugIn offers the following key features: File Explorer Tab: You can see the file details and you can browse the directory of the currently active document with one mouse click! Sorting on file name, size and modification date is supported. History Tab: A list of all opened files until now. Double clicking the list item opens the file in XMLSpy. You can also see if the file was modified since it was open in XMLSpy for the last time because the history also remembers the last date and time when it was open in XMLSpy. The list can be sorted on all columns. Details Tab: This tab shows the number and name of the XML elements and attributes of the current document if it is displayed using Grid or Authentic view. The number of elements and attributes is always updated in GridView. Settings Tab: Modify the behaviour of the PlugIn to fit your special requirements.
Microsoft XML NotePad Download - XML editing Microsoft XML NotePad 1.5 - XML editing, Subcategory: XML Editors
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 335 KB Version: 1.5
XML Notepad is a simple application that assists in the building of rapid prototypes of XML applications. It allows authors to rapidly build and edit small sets of XML data as a test bed during the development of XML-based applications. With XML Notepad, you can create XML document prototypes quickly, easily, and in an iterative fashion, using familiar metaphors. XML Notepad offers an intuitive and simple user interface that graphically represents the tree structure of XML data. Working with the standard building blocks of XML (Elements, Attributes and Text), authors are able to create reproducible data structures that can be easily filled.
PadEditor by BB Download - create and edit PAD files PadEditor by BB 1.0.0 - create and edit PAD files, Subcategory: XML Editors
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 106 KB Version: 1.0.0
PadEditor by BB allows enables software authors to create or edit PAD files. You can create multiple projects and create your PAD file(s) by simply filling in form dialogs and checking options. When you are done, you can export the PAD as XML file. PadEditor by BB comes with a plain and simple interface and supports PAD v2.0.
Peters XML Editor Download - XML editor with syntax highlighting Peters XML Editor 2.0 - XML editor with syntax highlighting, Subcategory: XML Editors
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 7344 KB Version: 2.0
A XML editor with syntax highlighting and customizable source view. You can add code-templates and auto complete. Ability to add, edit and delete Elements,Attributes,Text, CDATA sections,Comments,Processing Instruction Also has the ability to duplicate nodes. The Listview shows value of node. Files can be launched in IE for preview.
Recover Pen Drive Files 1.0 - Pen Drive Software to recover pen drive files, Subcategory: XML Editors
Price: $39 OS: WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,Vista Size: 2334 KB Version: 1.0
Recover Pen Drive Files & restore pen drive data with Recover Data for Pen drive data recovery software. Advance Pen Drive Recovery Software successfully recovering pen drive data from corrupt pen drive. Pen Drive Recovery Tool is safe & secure tool for recovering pen drive files. Pen Drive File Recovery Software recovers deleted files & folders such as music, pictures, video, digital, images & any other data from removable storage Pen Drive.
SeleXML Point and Click XML Editor Download - XML editor SeleXML Point and Click XML Editor 1.0 - XML editor, Subcategory: XML Editors
Price: Free OS: Win 98 Size: 221 KB Version: 1.0
Create XML from plain text files quickly and easily with SeleXML. Here's how it works: Open a plain text file (e.g. .txt or .html) and name some XML elements you'd like to associate with parts of your text file. Highlight and associate words, lines or paragraphs with XML elements, and within just a few clicks your standalone XML file is created, along with its own Document Type Definition (DTD). XML conversion could not be simpler! Some basic knowledge of XML elements is necessary to get the most out of this program
Tristana Writer RSS Editor - Create RSS and Podcast Feeds Instantly, Subcategory: XML Editors
Price: 25.00 OS: Windows Size: 1171 KB Version:
Tristana Writer lets you create an RSS or Atom feed from scratch by inputting each required and/or optional RSS or Atom XML element. You also have the option to simply scan a web page and instantly prepopulate XML information into Tristana Writer for lightning fast publishing. You can view XML source code using a user-friendly tree structure format to check content flow and links, or manually edit code yourself. Previewing your feed to see how it would look in your XML news reader (e.g. Tristana Reader) is as easy as a button click. And finally, publishing your feed to your server, or saving it to your hard drive lets you instantly distribute your content to your readers. Tristana Writer also supports enclosures for publishing media files or podcasting to iPods or other music and media devices and players.
XML Viewer Download - view and edit XML files XML Viewer 1.3 - view and edit XML files, Subcategory: XML Editors
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 1553 KB Version: 1.3
MindFusion`s XML Viewer lets you examine the contents of an XML file and also make make modification to the XML code. You can insert, edit and delete items as well as add and delete properties to existing items. Additional features include drag and drop support and a search function.
XMLEditPro Download - XML editor XMLEditPro 2.1 - XML editor, Subcategory: XML Editors
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1363 KB Version: 2.1
XMLEditPro is a simple and intuitive XML editor. It features Multi-Document Editing, Drag-n-Drog between documents/nodes as well as Cut and Paste. XMLEditPro also offers integrated Internet Explorer document browsing and can optionally edit files via FTP.