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AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) 1.2.0 - Convert your MS Access forms to WEB, Subcategory: PHP Tools
Price: 99 OS: WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 5664 KB Version: 1.2.0
AccessForms2Web (PHP&MySQL Editon) is an application which allows you to convert mdb (Microsoft Access) databases and MS Access Forms to WEB page using PHP & MySQL. Now you can easily convert forms and their elements to Web page, filling form fields with data from the fields of your Access tables. During conversion elements' position, color pallet and fields type are saved. You have an opportunity to place your forms at Web page directly or save your forms to a local folder at your computer for future uploading them to FTP. AccessForms2Web supports Unicode that allows you to make language special symbols displayed correctly. The program gives users an opportunity to select a table type: MyISAM, HEAP, BDB or ISAM. The software performs converting of Primary keys and Indexes. There is an ability to save data to PHP script or to a dump file that allows you to get over the restrictions on access to MySQL database if any. Sessions support allows you to save all your settings and restore them afterwards. You can organize application work using Interactive (GUI) mode as well as work through command line. User-friendly interface is the result of the combined efforts of our best specialists in software usability and Graphic User Interface design. Work with the converter is specially divided into several stages so the most complex issues of the conversion are broken into manageable parts. All necessary help documentation is provided with the software. You are welcome to evaluate free fully functional copy of the program for as much as 10 runs. We encourage you to try our new high-quality converter and place your MS Access forms at your web-page without wasting a lot of time and efforts. Using AccessForms2Web you get the whole range of benefits: fast conversion, excellent performance, real pleasure to work with.
Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 4.0 - Checks if your web site is hackable!, Subcategory: PHP Tools
Price: 1495 OS: WinXP,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 8192 KB Version: 4.0
Audit your website security with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Hackers are concentrating their efforts on attacking applications in your website: 75% of cyber attacks are launched on shopping carts, forms, login pages, dynamic content etc. Web applications are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and control sensitive data such as customer details, credit card numbers and proprietary corporate data. Firewalls, SSL and locked-down servers are futile against web application hacking Any defense at network security level will provide no protection against web application attacks since they are launched on port 80 - which has to remain open. In addition, web applications are often tailor-made, therefore tested less than off-the-shelf software, and are more likely to have undiscovered vulnerabilities. Manually auditing a website for vulnerabilities is virtually impossible - it needs to be done automatically and regularly. Acunetix WVS automatically checks your web applications for SQL Injection, XSS other web vulnerabilities. * Ensures your website is secure against web attacks * Automatically checks for SQL injection & Cross site scripting vulnerabilities * Checks password strength on authentication pages (HTTP or HTML forms) * Scans Javascript / AJAX applications for security vulnerabilities * Automatically audits shopping carts, forms, dynamic content and other web applications * Creates professional website security audit reports.
AnalogX PHPConfig Download - user interface for PHP AnalogX PHPConfig 1.0 - user interface for PHP, Subcategory: PHP Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 161 KB Version: 1.0
AnalogX PHPConfig is a graphical front-end to PHP's php.ini file, where all of configuration of PHP takes place. It allows you to spend more time on your PHP code and less on tweaking their .ini file. It supports all of the standard PHP functionality, and has a special 'Unknown' tab to handle any 3rd party plugins, such as the Zend Optimizer, MSSQL and so on. PHPConfig does not have it's own data format, but instead loads up the same configuration file that PHP uses, and outputs directly to the same format. This ensures, that even if you're an advanced user and have an existing, already tweaked ini file - it will preserve the format and your custom additions or modification. PHPConfig makes PHP more accessible to novice users and offers a convenient, easier to manage configuration aid for advanced users. Also included is an auto-backup tool, that ensures that you can restore previous versions of your INI file.
AzDGDatingLite 2.1.4 - , Subcategory: PHP Tools
Price: 0 OS: Windows Size: 794 KB Version: 2.1.4
Free dating script working on PHP and MySQL. Multilanguage, Multitemplate, 35 registration fields, 3 photos, quick/simple search, feedback with webmaster, Admin maillist, Photo of the day, who is online, statistics, Very customizable (Can add new genders (man, woman, couple), categories (seeking for and more), securely working on sessions (temporary cookies) and more...
Blog Script for PHP 1.1 - Simple blog script for PHP and MySQL., Subcategory: PHP Tools
Price: 0.00 OS: Windows2000,WindowsXP,WindowNT,Linux,Freebsd,Unix Size: 32 KB Version: 1.1
Easy to install blogging system for PHP and MySQL. Sinlge and multy-user modes. Bloly is installed on thousands servers world wide. Bloly blog script is based on simple templates. It's very easy to afjust Bloly Blog to fit any design of any website. You may see live sample on our website. Bloly Blogging system is completely free.
Dating Pro JAN.2007 - Matchmaking software for a quick site start, Subcategory: PHP Tools
Price: 399.00 OS: Win98,WinXP,Win2000,Win2003,Unix,Linux Size: 15407 KB Version: JAN.2007
If what you crave for is to open a professional matchmaking site, then is a way to go. It offers you DatingPro software, a ready-for-use dating site script for establishing an online dating presence. With this software in place, you can create a high-impact site within the shortest possible time and at a fraction of costs it usually takes to develop your own in-house solution. DatingPro is fully customizable and can be modified to meet your demands. Your site will be able to attract thousands of lonely hearts who will get a perfect chance to find their half. The best in DatingPro is that it has been developed in collaboration with real end users, whose requests and suggestions are reflected in its rich functionality and a flexible web-based admin area. You will discover many interesting and useful options, such as Perfect Match, Quick and Advanced search and Registration forms, IM and online chat, as well as flexible source codes. These and other features will make your website an ultimate place for matchmaking. The installation of the script is provided for free and customers are guaranteed help assistance from the company at any stage of starting a matchmaking business. You can try Dating Pro software before the purchase either by viewing demos or downloading a free trial copy of the software to be reviewed offline. DatingPro software is compatible with Linux and Windows servers.
DzSoft PHP Editor - Comfortable and powerful PHP development tool, Subcategory: PHP Tools
Price: 49 OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 2303 KB Version:
DzSoft PHP Editor is a handy and powerful tool for writing and testing PHP scripts and HTML/XML pages. Being designed specifically for PHP development, it has a friendly, but powerful interface that is comfortable both for beginners and experienced programmers. DzSoft PHP Editor is packed with essential features needed for easy and productive PHP development, such as convenient one-click preview in internal browser (with no web server required), quick insert features, code and files explorer bars, different kinds of quick code insertion features, and many other things. Now suports the Unicode (UTF-8) encoding.
DzSoft PHP Editor Download - PHP code editor DzSoft PHP Editor 3.1 - PHP code editor, Subcategory: PHP Tools
Price: $39.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1781 KB Version: 3.1
DzSoft PHP Editor is a tool for writing, editing, and debugging PHP scripts and HTML pages. It has a built-in FTP client and browser, Code Explorer, File Explorer, customizable Code Templates, etc. The Code Explorer provides a tree-style overview of all your script elements and allows you to quickly jump to selected sections (variables) within the script. If you have PHP installed, the program can use php.exe to run your scripts, allowing you to preview them without the need for a web server. Additional features include customizable syntax highlighting, PHP to HTML conversion, customizable templates and more.
eLMS Pro 2007 - Learning Management System for online courses, Subcategory: PHP Tools
Price: 449.00 OS: Windows2000,Windows2003,Unix,Linux Size: 5263 KB Version: 2007
Whether you are interested in launching complex for Remote educational business, for effective expansion of your college, institute or university, a wrongly chosen e-Learning Management System may cause wrong course material comprehension, lack of students desire to study or absence of interrelationship between a teacher and a student. eLMS Pro from Pilot Group is a complete software package that includes everything you need to launch successful e-learning company. It is designed for any education formations: from small distance training companies up to big colleges. The system is written in PHP and installs on your Web server. Features multilevel courses catalog, flexible content management and advanced admin area. You are not required to have much programming skills, only logical way of thinking and responsive approach to your future users. Groups, users and courses management – all is convenient and effective. If you have several courses of different topics, create a catalog for every topic and include as many courses as you want to every topic. If you have several teachers for courses management and tracking, you can create them and assign Teacher role at your site to any professional. Learning management system can be managed by an administrator - this is logical. The system can be administrated by a person with minimal programming knowledge level – this is convenient. If you have a lot of courses in different fields, then you can create a catalog of courses from which learners will be able to choose. If you have a small educational company, create your courses without any problems and, if needed, expand your activity to many topics. This program can satisfy all your staff and learners. Make your choice and let it become your business.
EngInSite Editor for PHP Download - PHP editing and development EngInSite Editor for PHP - PHP editing and development, Subcategory: PHP Tools
Price: $69.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 13111 KB Version:
EngInSite Editor for PHP is a PHP editing and development environment (IDE) with full support for PHP 4/5. It enables you to create and test PHP scripts on your local machine without the need for an additional web server. It includes debugging and profiling features, as well as a navigation tree for variables, function, classes etc. contained in the current script. The program also offers full HTML editing features with syntax highlighting, browser preview and categorized HTML tags for quick access. Additional features include code formatting, project management, built-in FTP client, Unicode support, macro support and more.
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