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Armor2net Download - personal firewall with spyware removal Armor2net 3.12 - personal firewall with spyware removal, Subcategory: Personal Firewalls
Price: $29.99 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 3643 KB Version: 3.12
Armor2net is a personal firewall with additional popup blocking and spyware detection and removal. It allows you to grant internet access on a per application basis, so that only programs that you are aware of can use your connection. You can view the list of current connections in an easy to understand display and choose to disconnect any of them if needed. Each connection displays the application that is using it, as well as the connected endpoint. Armor2net also provides a Stealth option that will block all access to your machine, however this feature is not compatible with networked computers, since Armor2net does not provide options allow certain connections or IP addresses. The firewall capabilities are basic and the popup killer missed most popups during our test, so it is of little value. The spyware removal feature scans your system for known adware/spyware programs and offers you to remove selected items. It includes a backup feature that allows you to restore the files if you experience any problems. Overall, the program is very easy to use and inexpensive. Worth a try for home users that want to keep an eye on their Internet connection and prevent unauthorized use of malware or spyware programs.
Comodo Firewall - FREE Comodo Firewall, Subcategory: Personal Firewalls
Price: 0 OS: WinXP,Windows2000 Size: 8063 KB Version:
FREE Comodo Firewall - Secure your system against internal attacks such as Trojan viruses / malicious software and external attacks by hackers. With a user-friendly single click interface you can allow or block access to the Internet offering complete immunity to attacks and total protection of your personal information. Real time traffic monitoring enables you to react instantly to threats and identify bandwidth bottlenecks. Silent Security Technology means no needless alerts with out-of-the-box protection against hackers, Trojans and other unknown threats. Comodo Firewall is the powerful and effective, easy to manage barrier that keeps hackers out and personal information in. Comodo Firewall helps you connect in a secure way to the internet and global networks. Total peace of mind is FREE!!
Filseclab Personal Firewall Download - personal firewall Filseclab Personal Firewall 2.5 - personal firewall, Subcategory: Personal Firewalls
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 2341 KB Version: 2.5
Filseclab Personal Firewall is a personal firewall that allows you to control which programs can access the Internet and at what times. It offers an automated rules wizard that will prompt you for action whenever an incoming or outgoing connection is detected, that does not match any of the existing rule sets. You can then choose to grant or deny access, and automatically create a rule for it. The firewall also allows you to create rules manually and supports rules for applications, intranet, network type and time. In addition to connection filtering, the program also offers browser independent web site access filtering, that allows you to block specified sites or limit access to a list of sites. Additional features include control of ICMP packets, traffic graph display, three security levels and more. The interface is a little small (and a little confusing), but overall, Filseclab Personal Firewall offers some good features.
Fireball CyberProtection Suite Download - personal firewall and security suite Fireball CyberProtection Suite 2.0 - personal firewall and security suite, Subcategory: Personal Firewalls
Price: $49.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 13930 KB Version: 2.0
Fireball CyberProtection Suite is a multi-functional firewall and PC protection suite. It provides complete analysis of all network and internet traffic and allows you to allow and restrict network communications between your computer and the outside world. Fireball combines a personal firewall, intrusion detection system, privacy controls, system assessment, parental controls, and an IPSec VPN in a single integrated software suite. The features can shield you from Trojan horse programs, OS attacks, data leakage, email worms, invasion of privacy and even annoying pop up ads and spam. Fireball provides real-time identification of malicious activity and can screen e-mail messages, attachments, filter web sites, block ads and harmful code and more. In addition, Fireball proactively audits the Windows operation system for missing security patches and can download them automatically. The suite also includes an IPsec VPN client that allows a computer to connect into a business network or corporate LAN (CheckPoint, NetScreen, Sonicwall, Cisco VPN...). Fireball offers a user friendly interface and an interactive mode to allow or block applications that attempt to access the internet.
ICFMeister Download - monitor Windows firewalll logs ICFMeister - monitor Windows firewalll logs, Subcategory: Personal Firewalls
Price: $29.99 (Free Trial) OS: Win XP Size: 2105 KB Version:
ICFMeister allows you to monitor the activities of the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall (ICF), helping you to detect hacking attempts and sort out potential problems with internet-capable programs on your computer. The program reads the logs generated by the ICF on your PC (and on other XP computers in your network), and presents them to you in an easy to read display that can be filtered, sorted and exported to database and RSS compatible formats and HTML. You can define criteria for alert notifications based on IP addresses, port numbers and various other criteria and ICFMeister can alert you by sending an email, audible alert or launch of external applications. A single installation allows you to monitor all ICF logs on the network without the need for additional licenses.
Jammer Download - application firewall Jammer 2.0 build 0528 - application firewall, Subcategory: Personal Firewalls
Price: $19.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 1238 KB Version: 2.0 build 0528
Jammer is an application firewall that allows you you grant or deny access to any software that attempts to use your internet connection. You can build a list of trusted applications or specify which programs will have to ask permissions every time they attempt to connect. Jammer also monitors the Windows Registry, any attempt to modify critical sections results in a warning message on your screen letting you cancel the alteration. Jammer also includes scanning detection modules that discover intruders when they first probe your connection. In addition, the program provides information about current connections, running processes and a list of all auto-start registry entries.
Jetico Personal Firewall Download - personal firewall Jetico Personal Firewall - personal firewall, Subcategory: Personal Firewalls
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 2688 KB Version:
Jetico Personal Firewall can protect your computer from outside attacks, as well as from malicious programs that are attempting to communicate with the outside. It offers three levels of protection including low-level network packets, application-level and user-level filtering. Jetico Personal Firewall checks every packet that comes in or out of your computer and based on your rules, decides to allow it or not. It properly detects and allows the local network (if requested) upon installation, and switches to a learning mode where it will prompt you for every application that is attempting to access the network or the Internet. We found the Jetico Personal Firewall to be rather complicated to use and configure.
Kaspersky Anti-Hacker Download - personal firewall Kaspersky Anti-Hacker 1.5 - personal firewall, Subcategory: Personal Firewalls
Price: $39.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 8789 KB Version: 1.5
Kaspersky Anti-Hacker is a personal firewall that checks all incoming and outgoing data streams only permits actions that are safe or have been authorized by you. It runs at application level, allowing you to grant or deny specific behavior to selected programs. The program uses easy to understand rule definitions, rather than complicated port and protocol configurations whenever possible. You can choose from 5 different security levels that are available as presets and also customize the rules and create new ones according to your personal security requirements. Like most personal firewalls, Kasperski Anti-Hacker also comes with a learning mode, that prompts the user each time an application uses the internet for the first time and based on your answers, it automatically creates the rules for you. The low-level data interceptor allows information filtration before it is processed by other applications and provides intrusion protection from the latest forms of hacker attack, including Ping Of Death attacks, Land-attacks, TCP and UDP port scanning and DoS attacks. SmartStealth protects your ports and makes the systems become fully invisible to the outside. Additional features include a connection monitor, port monitor, detailed logging and more.
Kerio Personal Firewall Download - personal firewall Kerio Personal Firewall 4.1.2 - personal firewall, Subcategory: Personal Firewalls
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 7197 KB Version: 4.1.2
Kerio Personal Firewall (KPF) is a software agent that builds a barrier between your personal computer and the Internet. KPF is designed to protect your PC against attacks from both the Internet, and other computers in the local network. The firewall controls all data flow in both directions from the Internet to your computer and vice versa, and it can also block all attempted connections, allowing only what you choose to permit. MD5 application signatures protect the computer from Trojan horses imitating trusted programs. Kerio features three security levels for easy configuration, as well as options for advanced users to create their own rules. The program initially starts in a learning mode, prompting you for each detected connection and creates customized rules automatically. Kerio Personal Firewall is easy enough to use for novice users, and also provides the flexibility of custom rules for advanced users. Pro version available with additional features.
Look n Stop Lite Download - rule based firewall Look n Stop Lite 1.04 - rule based firewall, Subcategory: Personal Firewalls
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 355 KB Version: 1.04
Look 'n' Stop Lite is a rule based firewall that allows you to filter all incoming traffic into your computer by setting up rules for individual ports and protocols. The firewall comes pre-configured with a basic ruleset that filters most common attacks, however requires the skills of a network administrator or user with networking knowledge to be fine tune for your individual needs. Look 'n' Stop Lite, even though fully featured, lightweight and very capable, does not provide application traffic filtering (the shareware version does).
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