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Server File Access Manager Download - File access manager backup crucial files data Server File Access Manager 3.15.6 - File access manager backup crucial files data, Subcategory: Browser Speed
Price: $299.95 OS: Windows 98/XP/ME/2000/Vista Size: 2723 KB Version: 3.15.6
File access manager utility ensures business run without interruption by backing up files. Mission critical data requires batch caching to keep log files and data synchronized at backup time. It is cost effective and scalable application to protect important data.
Sony Handycam Pictures Recovery Download - Handycam photo recovery retrieves lost images Sony Handycam Pictures Recovery - Handycam photo recovery retrieves lost images, Subcategory: Browser Speed
Price: $69 OS: Windows Size: 1617 KB Version:
Sony handycam pictures recovery software restores all your important digital images like family snaps, birthday pictures, wedding anniversary albums, parties or other occasional photographs lost from handycam of different storage capacities. Digital camera data restoration software salvages all deleted files such as jpg, mov, avi, mpeg and other digital video clips from different brands of handycam device. Handycam image retrieval utility supports different types of digital cameras including professional camera, DSLR camera, digital video camera and point and shoots camera available in different megapixels. DSLR camera photo restoration application recovers formatted data from corrupted or virus infected digital camera. Digital video camera recovery tool retrieves erased data even if an error messages like Drive Not Formatted or Drive Not Recognized is being displayed on your PC while accessing handycam device. Sony handycam picture salvage application restores missing data if memory card removed insecurely from digital camera. Software provides facility to preview all recoverable data and saves at specified location on your computer hard disk. Professional camera images restoration utility supports major branded digital camera including Sony, Toshiba, Kingston, Imation StrataFlash, Canon, Chinon, jenoptik etc. Specialty camera data retrieval tool is compatible with all windows operating system including 98 and Vista. Features: * Handycam data recovery tool retrieves all deleted files like tiff, 3gp, riff and digital video album etc. * Digital camera picture retrieval software recovers erased data from inaccessible or damaged handycam device. * Software supports all types of megapixel digital cameras like DSLR camera, novelty camera and digital video camera etc. * Digital camera lost photo rescue utility restores data from all major branded handycam devices.
Spriteworks Download - 2,000 original game sprites. Spriteworks - 2,000 original game sprites., Subcategory: Browser Speed
Price: 19.95 OS: All Size: 470 KB Version:
Spriteworks v1.0 is a 100% original sprite/graphics library containing 2,000 sprites and animation sequences for use in game programming, Java, shockwave, multimedia authoring and hundreds of other uses. Registration comes with two free bonus products and access to our large Sound Effects Library containing everything you need to bring your games to life!.
SurfStream Download - browser acceleration and tools SurfStream 1.0 - browser acceleration and tools, Subcategory: Browser Speed
Price: $29.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 4510 KB Version: 1.0
SurfStream is a suite of tools for internet users, that enhances internet performance and browsing experience. It includes a performance boosting proxy server to accelerate page downloads, a popup and ad blocker, as well a tool that analyzes your TCP/IP settings and can optionally improve them to optimize your connection speed. You can choose between different profiles, perform before-after speed tests and restore your original settings if needed. In addition, it includes a bookmark manager to organize and check all your Internet Explorer favorites, as well as a time synchronizer to keep you system clock accurate and synchronized with atomic time servers. The popup blocking performed well during our tests, and the proxy server delivered noticeable faster page loads after some time of usage.
USB Drive Data Theft Blocker - USB port data theft blocker software prevent unauthorized access of USB devices, Subcategory: Browser Speed
Price: $120 OS: Windows Size: 2908 KB Version:
Windows network USB drive blocking software prevents clients system in local area network from unauthorized access of portable storage devices such as pen drive, memory stick, thumb, jump drive, mp3 player, digital camera and some other devices. USB drive data theft blocker software captures complete details of incoming or outgoing data of connected USB drive into the log file and saved them at user specified location in text or html format. USB drive hardware monitoring tool notifies system administrator via sound beep even when USB drive is plug-in or plug-out from computer system in local area network. LAN USB drive disabler utility notifies users when network cable is not connected to the client system. USB drive data leakage prevention tool captures manufactures name, client name, unique hardware id, media data storage capacity status and IP address of all types USB storage devices. Software has attractive user friendly GUI facility and fully compatible with all versions of windows operating system. USB drive write protector tool facilitates users to monitor data transfer from computer system to USB drive or storage media to computer. USB drive blocking software runs invisibly on client machines and can be easily monitored from server machine. Features: * Software can be easily operated by both technical and nontechnical users because of its user friendly GUI facility. * Notifies system administrator even when network cable is not connected from system during data transfer. * Generates report in text or html format and saved them into log file at any user specified location. * USB drive monitoring tool can detects plug-in or plug-out of multiple pen drives. * Utility is fully compatible with all versions of windows server operating system.
Vista Keylogger - Windows Vista keylogger application records typed username, password, email, URL, Subcategory: Browser Speed
Price: $45 OS: Windows Size: 2938 KB Version:
Keystroke monitoring software allows you to secretly track and record all the changes made by any external user in your absence. Windows XP keylogger application runs in invisible mood do not appear even in the windows task manager. Keyboard tracker system allows you to trace all the user logged on your system including guest users. Keystroke logger tool records typed activities, browsing website history in a hidden encrypted log file.
Windows System Data Recovery - Windows partition recovery program recovers all your important images, data, files from formatted FAT, NTFS hard disks partitions. System data recovery application can restores documents from all types of removable storage media like pen drive., Subcategory: Browser Speed
Price: $69 OS: Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista Size: 684 KB Version:
Advanced data recovery software can find and recovers all your lost images, files, mp3 from SATA, ATA, IDE hard disk formatted in FAT, NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5 file systems. This freeware utility can works with all laptop, computer or removable storage devices like flash card, USB drive, pen drive, external HDD, etc. Restoration tool can get back those data which was missed due to virus attack, crashed due to sabotage or from any other unknown reason.
Workstation File Access Manager Download - File access manager power backup open files Workstation File Access Manager 3.15.6 - File access manager power backup open files, Subcategory: Browser Speed
Price: $69.95 OS: Windows 98/XP/ME/2000/Vista Size: 2672 KB Version: 3.15.6
File access manager backup files to protect crucial data. The advanced caching methods protect backups from corruption and keep relational file integrity intact for mission critical data stored in databases and email servers such as SQL, MYSQL, oracle and exchange.
ZipEnable 3.0.2 - IIS 6.0 Native Compression Management & Browser Compatibility, Subcategory: Browser Speed
Price: 199.95 OS: Windows2003 Size: 2488 KB Version: 3.0.2
HTTP compression speeds up file delivery across the Internet, keeps your users happy with faster page loads, and dramatically reduces bandwidth costs. Compression was non-existent on IIS 4 and broken on IIS 5, but Windows Server 2003 with Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 now offers great out-of-the-box compression embedded into the core Web server code itself. ZipEnable allows you to easily get the absolute most out of IIS 6 built-in compression. While Port80 Software's httpZip is the best ISAPI compression solution for Windows Web servers, we highly recommend that you use the internal compression engine in IIS 6.0 - it's lightning fast, incurs minimal resource penalties, and you already bought it when you bought the OS. The one major drawback to IIS 6.0 native compression is the absence of configuration options via the Web server management interface. IIS 6.0 does not provide a GUI to the majority of controls. Necessities like site level compression, compression schemes, and all advanced settings are only accessible via the IIS metabase. With ZipEnable, you now have more than an "ON/OFF" choice and can granularly manage IIS 6.0 native compression at the global, site, directory, and file levels -- and all without writing a single line of code or editing the IIS metabase. You can easily configure compression on all static and dynamic files, including both those that are compressed by default (HTML and ASP) and those that are not (JavaScript, CSS, Cold Fusion, PHP, etc.). ZipEnable also provides real-time browser compatibility checking to make sure that you only send compressed content to browsers that can handle decompression, and CPU roll-off to keep compression CPU cycles within your comfort zone. ZipEnable is available as a free 30-day trial, and, like all Port80 Software products, ZipEnable includes free technical support. IIS 6 compression works -- you just need ZipEnable to manage it safely and efficiently!
Zune Files Rescue Software - Zune music retrieval software restores deleted mp3, mp4 songs, audio video files, Subcategory: Browser Speed
Price: $69 OS: Windows 98, 2000, 2003 server, XP, NT, ME, Vista Size: 641 KB Version:
Zune files rescue software uses advanced algorithm to get back your all lost music, pictures, images, songs etc from formatted zune music player. Zune data recovery utility restores your favorite music files erased due to accidental deletion, formatting, corruption, damaged file system, human error, virus attack or other similar reasons of data loss. Zune music restoration tool easily runs on all windows based operating system including Windows 98, 2000, 2003 server, ME, NT, XP and Vista. Zune music retrieval software also provides recovery support even when reset operation is performed on your zune media player. Zune data restoration software provides thumbnail preview of all music, video, pictures, songs, snaps and other previously existing data on your zune media player before recovery. Zune data backup utility supports different capacities of zune media player like 4GB, 8GB, 30GB and 60GB etc. Zune data recovery software supports all aif, aac, mp3, m4a, m4b, mov, mid, midi, mp4, wav and wma music files format. Zune files retrieval utility rescue missing digital pictures, photographs, images of different format including gif, jpg, jpeg, tiff, bmp etc. Zune music recovery utility repair data even if drive not formatted message is displayed by your Computer while accessing zune device in My computer. Features: * Zune music rescue application is easy to use, safe and non destructive tool to restore lost music, damaged audio and video files, deleted pictures and other valuable data stored in your Zune digital media player. * Zune music recovery software has interactive GUI with inbuilt help option so it is very easy to use and does not require any technical skill to operate it. * Zune data restoration tool restores deleted data due to zune to zune sharing using Wi-Fi connectivity.
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