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EMCO EventLog Audit Pro - collect network eventlog entries

EMCO EventLog Audit Pro Screenshot
EMCO EventLog Audit Pro Screenshot
EMCO Eventlog Audit Pro collects the Eventlog entries from computers on the LAN to a Microsoft SQL Server database. This database can be searched for any details such as Event ID, Type, Category, Source, User SID, strings from the Event description and Time period. Searches can be performed on a single machine or across the entire network, allowing you to quickly locate specific events. Eventlog Audit also supports alerts, based on any of these details, allowing you to be notified via email as soon as they occur. Collection can optionally be be scheduled for selected (or all) machines to run at certain intervals. Additional features include Eventlog backup, remote clearing, event export to various formats and more.
Version: 1.0
OS: NT/2000/XP
Size: 4348 kb
Price: $199.00 (Free Trial)
Date Added: 6/5/2004
Author: Emco
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