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HiDialer 2000 - dial-up connection tool suite

HiDialer 2000 Screenshot
HiDialer 2000 Screenshot
HiDialer 2000 is a multipurpose dial-up utility, designed to assist you with connecting to the Internet. It allows you to easily establish your Internet connection by simply selecting it from a handy icon in your system tray and can automatically launch one or more of your favorite applications after an active connection is established (such as your browser or email program), and then close them after disconnection. In addition, you can schedule your computer to automatically connect to the Internet, adjust your computers clock to atomic time, redial lost connections and much more. HiDialer also comes with a built in "Keep alive" function, that prevents your ISP from disconnecting you due to inactivity on your side. Furthermore the program offers to log your connection activity, track your online costs (if any) and monitor your connection speed and session time. HiDialer is easy to set up and use, and provides a great array of essential tools to dial-up users.
Version: 3.2.18 build 1108
OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Size: 784 kb
Price: $26.95 (Free Trial)
Date Added: 2/7/2005
Author: K&G Software Group
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