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ActivatorDesk - database driven IE interface

ActivatorDesk Screenshot
ActivatorDesk Screenshot
ActivatorDesk is an internet desktop portal that uses the Internet Exlorer engine to incorporate web browing and into a SQL database server driven application. It offers Ad-free, popup-free browsing from a powerful, skinnable internet desktop browser system. The portal provides access to a variety of content categories and metasearching of the 15 top search engines. In addition ActivatorDesk allows simultaneous (tabbed) multi-site browsing, blocks banner ads and popup windows and logs desktop activities and Internet connections to detect hostile programs and to enforce compliance with desktop and Web usage policies. It also comes with a nice cookie manager that is built into the interface, similar to the IE Explorer bar, and lists all your cookies in a tree view, allowing management functions for each via right click menu and also provides quick access to a "delete cache" button. In addition, it allows to prevent, limit or schedule access times and enables you to block access to certain communication tools like ICQ and others. Multiple copies of ActivatorDesk can be managed remotely over a network from the password protected admin interface. Among the new security features include over 100 desktop switches that go beyond Windows scripting security to even permit the turn-off of the standard Windows desktop interface in favor of a more simplistic tamper-free desktop that may function as a standardized desktop system for all Windows 32bit operating systems. Also included is a News Blogger interface and a Dot-Kids filtered browsing environment for children.
OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Size: 13842 kb
Price: $49.95 (Free Trial)
Date Added: 2/23/2003
Author: R. Lee Heath
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