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Cookie Jar - manage your cookies

Cookie Jar Screenshot
Cookie Jar Screenshot
Cookies present a dilemma. On one hand, chances are you want to accept cookies from some sites (for such functionality as saving login information). On the other hand, so many sites write cookies to your hard drive that you ll probably want to delete them every now and then. Cookie Jar lets you keep the cookies you want and delete the cookies you don t want by simply sorting cookies into Allowed and Banned (or Undecided) jars. Cookie Jar can then be set to run when Windows starts up and delete all Banned and/or Undecided cookies, leaving the Allowed ones alone.
Version: 1.01
OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Size: 68 kb
Price: Free
Date Added: 5/6/2002
Author: Jasons Toolbox
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