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ETagFix - keep IIS eTags from changing

ETagFix Screenshot
ETagFix Screenshot
ETagFix is an ISAPI Filter add-on for Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) or any other web server that supports ISAPI filters, that removes part of the Etag so that is does not change every time the server is rebooted. The Etag is an HTTP header that allows web crawlers and user clients to check if a web page has changed - by default, this eTag is changed whenever the server is rebooted, causing clients to assume that the content has changed and download it gain, which can result in unnecessary increases in bandwidth. ETagFix fixes the problem and maintains the Etag, thereby saves you bandwidth and makes sure that the Etag is only changed if the content has actually been updated.
Version: 1.00
OS: 2000/XP
Size: 671 kb
Price: Free
Date Added: 8/13/2004
Author: ISAPILabs
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