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Download AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW 1.23 - easy to use web server, Subcategory: Web Server Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 187 KB Version: 1.23
Ever wanted to set up a webserver so that you could have your friends check out a new page you're working on? Or maybe you'd just like to play around with HTML, and need to have a local webserver to get a good feel... Whichever the case, you've probably discovered that most of the webservers out there are, how should I put this, interface challenged. Sure, you can run Apache on your machine, but only after a couple hours hacking on cryptic text files; but now there's a better option... Introducing AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW, the first in a series of simple to use yet powerful servers! This webserver is SO easy to use, about the only thing you need to know how to do is drag and drop files; then just click on the 'Start' button, and you're webserver is up and running, serving your pages to the world! Best of all, SimpleServer minimizes to the system tray, so it doesn't take up valuable screen space when you're not working with it. SimpleServer:WWW supports MIME file typing, CGI, common log format, and multi-hosting, just to name a few! If you've always wanted a compact, easy to use, versatile webserver, then you're prayers have been answered!
Apache Admin 2.5 - Apache GUI, Subcategory: Web Server Tools
Price: 69 OS: Windows Size: 5360 KB Version: 2.5
Our Apache Server GUI will help you to configure your Apache Server the way you need it within minutes. Stop fighting with documentation and start talking to your Apache Web Server. Perfect for both novice administrators and seasoned veterans alike, Apache Admin makes configuring and tuning your web server a breeze, all from the comfort of your Windows desktop. Apache Admin provides the most powerful and consistent method of creating your Apache Web Server configuration files. All major Apache Web Server configuration settings can be changed though the Apache Admin interface. Apache Admin makes extensive use of single click entry of parameter values (for Apache Web Server Directives) through an easy-to-use, consistent pull-down menu interface. This has the advantage of ensuring that the HTTPD.CONF file built for your Apache Web Server has correct syntax, without typing in values manually, saving you hours of manual data entry and painful error-checking and debugging. Apache Admin provides powerful validation of configuration files by utilizing the syntax-testing built-in option of Apache Web Server. Additionally the tree-structure representation and logical grouping of the Apache Web Server directives gives the Apache Admin user full control and oversight of the configuration parameters required for correct assembly of a valid httpd.conf file. Apache Admin is an MMC (Microsoft Management Console) snap-in software tool, with the advantage of enabling the configuration of your Apache web server in the same consistent approach as your other Windows management applications. If you have ever configured Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) then you'll feel right at home!
Apache Win32 2.0.51 - the most popular web server, Subcategory: Web Server Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 6389 KB Version: 2.0.51
Apache is the most popular and widely used web server in the universe. It was originally written for UNIX, but this version is compatible with all Windows plattforms. Apache does not use a GUI (graphical user interface), it runs using config files that need to be edited.
Download Apache-Win32 Banner Edit Tool Apache-Win32 Banner Edit Tool 1.0 - edit Apache web server identification, Subcategory: Web Server Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 143 KB Version: 1.0
Apache-Win32 Banner Edit allows web server administrators to change the information that the web server returns from a HTTP command. It does this by editing the ApacheCore.dll (in the Apache directory).
Download BRS WebWeaver BRS WebWeaver 1.30 - web server, Subcategory: Web Server Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 819 KB Version: 1.30
WebWeaver is a small but fully featured HTTP and FTP web server. It is multi-threaded and supports supports ISAPI, SSI & CGI. In addition it has IP address and URL based security restrictions, alias support, optional directory browsing and basic user authentication. In addition it provides error correction options, easy user management features and more. WebWeaver comes with an easy to use interface that lets you access and change all configuration option and good documentation.
CacheRight 3.0.3 - CacheRight speeds up IIS sites with granular cache management for developers., Subcategory: Web Server Tools
Price: 149.95 OS: WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP,Windows2003 Size: 1255 KB Version: 3.0.3
Cache images, includes and any file the right way for faster sites and better server availability. A ‘304 Not Modified’ response is a waste of time. Why should repeat Web visitors request the same content over and over when it can be cached and accessed FASTER from a local browser or proxy cache? CacheRight for IIS 4/5/6 allows DEVELOPERS to EASILY craft and administer effective cache control policies for every Web site resource through a single rules file -- dramatically speeding up sites, REDUCING BANDWIDTH consumption, and eliminating unnecessary requests and server strain. Administrators avoid developing cache control rules in a one-off fashion via IIS, and faster pages mean happier customers and more productive corporate users. With CacheRight, a SIMPLE CONFIGURATION rules file in the Web site's home directory enables developers to set up rules that control expiration by location, file, or mime type. Unchanging images, PDFs, Flash, multimedia files, and other page elements are delivered freshly and quickly from the repeat user's browser cache without contacting your server. Meanwhile, DYNAMIC content is served guaranteed FRESH due to CacheRight’s special HTTP headers, without competing with validation requests and static content for precious server cycles and bandwidth. CacheRight is fully COMPATIBLE with IIS 4/5/6 and Windows NT/2000/Server 2003 and is easy to implement as a low-impact ISAPI filter with intuitive, easy-to-learn rule statements. Download a 30 day trial version and add some cached speed to your site today!
Download ChitChat.NET ChitChat.NET 2.0 - forum for SQL Server, Subcategory: Web Server Tools
Price: $29.00 (Free Trial) OS: NT/2000/XP Size: 1196 KB Version: 2.0
ChitChat.NET is an ASP.NET based discussion forum designed specifically for Microsoft SQL Server. It includes an SQL script that automatically creates all the tables and an example forum. ChitChat.NET is driven entirely by SQL Server stored procedures, which improves performance and stability. The forum interface is controlled via CSS styling and can be edited by the administrator. The forum supports different security levels, allowing the administrator to limit boards to registered users or open them to the public. ChitChat.NET is administered through a web based admin interface with built-in WYSIWYG editor for template editing. Additional features include forum rules, validated email registrations, user management, optional support for file attachments, search functionality and more. It supports unlimited message boards and topics. FREE for non-commerical use.
Download DWebPro DWebPro 5.2.0 - web server for CD/DVD distributions, Subcategory: Web Server Tools
Price: $358.00 (Free Trial) OS: 2000/XP Size: 3396 KB Version: 5.2.0
DWebPro (Dynamic Web Server) is a stand-alone web-server, designed to be used on read-only CD/DVD distributions. It comes with support for CGI, ISAPI, MySQL, external software and an integrated SMTP Server. Using the server allows to to create dynamic CD presentations and web sites that are not limited to simple page display, but can include just about anything that is supported by the scripting languages. The program is poorly documented and unless you are somewhat familiar with a web server you will probably be lost. We tested it and burned a couple CDs using a test site with PHP scripts and it was working well (we did not test any other scripting languages). Additional features include a customizable splash screen and tray icon, and a compiler to encode PHP scripts. Any of the supported scripting engines must be downloaded separately. DWebPro is free for personal use.
FastReport Server 1.0 - Report server FastReport Server, Subcategory: Web Server Tools
Price: 499 OS: WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003 Size: 15245 KB Version: 1.0
New to the FastReport report generation tools product suite, FastReport Server is a powerful enterprise reporting solution for creating, managing, and delivering reports. It serves as the foundation of a broader Business Intelligence (BI) strategy by providing the most requested pieces of information reliably and securely – via the web or embedded in enterprise applications. It includes a collection of reporting services that addresses all steps in the reporting process: data access and report design, report delivery and management, portal integration and standalone deployment, and reports access administration tools. Designed for use on a single server, FastReport Server is the ideal small-scale report-delivery solution for all size businesses.
HTTP Commander 6.0 - Web based file manager for IIS (5, 6) servers. It looks like Windows Explorer., Subcategory: Web Server Tools
Price: $ 199.00 OS: WIn2000/XP/2003 Size: 3000 KB Version: 6.0
HTTP Commander Web Based File Manager for Windows servers running IIS. It can be used to create Online File Sharing Solutions. It has many standard features like Create, Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Rename, Edit, View, Files search and advanced technical features: Directory Tree, Drag-n-Drop, Disk Quota, Context and Drop Down Menu, SSL (HTTPS) support. Upload/Download and Multiple Files Upload and Download over FTP or Macromedia Flash.
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