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Download dunmon dunmon 5.2 - records DUN sessions, Subcategory: DUN Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 1453 KB Version: 5.2
dunmon is a small Tool , which records DUN sessions. It is also able to establish a DUN session and disconnect from one, as well as set the computer into Online- and Offline-Mode. The user interface is provided through an icon in the taskbar and supports english and german language, which is set automatically according to the system default language
Download LiveCon for Windows LiveCon for Windows 1.4 - , Subcategory: DUN Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 367 KB Version: 1.4
LiveCon! is a Windows status tray utility which records and analyzes the status of an Internet/network connection over a given period of time. The produced analysis can be used, for example, to determine when connection difficulties have occurred.
Download Modem Log Modem Log 1.22 - , Subcategory: DUN Tools
Price: $10.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 453 KB Version: 1.22
ModemLog calculates your online time as well as phone company and ISP bills based on Windows Dial-Up Networking modem log.
Download Modem Logger Modem Logger 1.0 - monitor modem activity, Subcategory: DUN Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1409 KB Version: 1.0
A program that can automatically detect if the modem is connected. It can record the length and (if you want) the cost of your modem's calls. It can also record the data in a log file; the data can easily be imported into your favorite spreadsheet with a copy and paste operation. The interface always shows the cost and the length of the last call made, time of all of the calls of the current day and of all of the calls since the last reset.
Download Modem Monitor Modem Monitor 2.10 - monitor a network modem, Subcategory: DUN Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 2539 KB Version: 2.10
The program is intended for work in small networks having connection to the Internet through a phone (modem). It allows one workstations of a network to receive the same information about the modem status and statistics as the server. Server components are installed on the machine with DialUp Networking, the clients part - on machines on the LAN. Server only runs on NT or Win 2000, clients on Win 9x.
Download Modem Monitor Graph Modem Monitor Graph 4.0 - , Subcategory: DUN Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 848 KB Version: 4.0
This program plots in realtime all data sent and received using the Dial-Up Networking Adapter and Modem. It shows separate sent, received, send rate, received rate, peaks and totals. It features five graphs and statistics, an animated tray icon and allows you to change colors, graph size, sample seconds, 3D graph, axis and more. Additional features include a CPU Light Meter, a Dial-Up Manager with dial, hangup, data logging, background picture and more.
Download MultiModemia MultiModemia 1.0 - Dial-Up Adapter monitor, Subcategory: DUN Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 811 KB Version: 1.0
Multimodemia is a Windows 95/98 Dial-Up Adapter monitor that enhances Dial Up Networking. It shows the modem sent/received status, plays a .wav file when common modem events occur, and can automatically close down the active connection, as well as Shutdown Windows.
Download NetNak NetNak 9.0 - monitor your online time, Subcategory: DUN Tools
Price: $20.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 618 KB Version: 9.0
Allows you to display your data-rate through your modem and monitor your online time. The data-rate is displayed as both text and on a histogram.The display can be either as a floating window or a docked window with the option to auto-hide. You also have the option to make the display unavailable if there is no connection to monitor and sound an alarm when you reach a specified time limit.
Download Pay As You Go Dialup Pay As You Go Dialup 2004 - prepaid internet access, Subcategory: DUN Tools
Price: $3.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 885 KB Version: 2004
Pay As You Go Dialup provides internet access as-you-go. Just install the dialer software and whenever you need Internet Access, you can use it like a calling card - purchasing small blocks of online time (starting at $3.95 for 10 hours). Just like with a prepaid calling card, you can buy some time, use it up whenever you like, and buy more when you need it. The software automatically creates your account and configures a dialup connection. It makes a perfect backup ISP or on-the-road connection, or inexpensive alternative for people that only use the Internet infrequently. No matter where you are in the US, the software will automatically retrieve local dial-up numbers for you to choose from, making it perfect for travelers as well. We tested it and create a trial account, which worked perfectly well with adequate speeds. This free trial version will give you 5 free hours of Internet Access that can be used up within a year. It does not require a credit card for the trial. If your free time is used up, you can easily purchase additional refills if you want. Great service to have, it doesn't cost you anything unless you actually need it, and the free trial can go a long time if used as a backup connection.
Download TICK TICK 1.17 - dial-up enhancer, Subcategory: DUN Tools
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 749 KB Version: 1.17
TICK is a feature-rich dial up enhancer for Windows. It can log all calls made and records Date/Time of call, as well as cost and data transferred. Statistics can be produced in a variety of reports. In addition to the logging and statistics functions, Tick also includes a password manager to keep track of your passwords and a utility that can monitor web sites for changes and notify you when they occur. An additional POP3 email checker allows you to check your email on a regular basis and the auto-window closer can close any window that pops up on your screen automatically. Further options include auto-disconnect, alarms and more.
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