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Outlook LAN Messenger 2.7 - Instant Messenger for LAN with MS Outlook Sharing and Remote Desktop, Subcategory: Chat (IRC)
Price: 39 $ OS: Win98/Win2000/WinXP Size: 3485 KB Version: 2.7
Outlook Messenger is a Concept LAN chat for interactive communication within Office network (LAN). In addition to usual rich text chat, voice chat, group chat, send file, reminders, alert note functions, Outlook Messenger can be plugged into MS Outlook, allowing the users to share Outlook e-mails, contacts, and appointments. The Value added feature 'Remote Desktop Sharing' lets users access and control a remote computer. Outlook Messenger will run instantly after installing on all the network computers, because it's Server-less and no need to configure any IP Addresses. Key features includes: - Instant Setup and Run – Server-Less and No IP Configuration *** - Instant Text Messaging for Private Chat - Group Messaging for Group Discussion - Voice Chat - File Transfer - Microsoft Outlook Plug-in to share Outlook's Emails/Contacts/Appointments/Journals/Notes/Tasks *** - Remote Desktop Sharing - Offline Messaging & Offline File Transfer *** - Reminders & Schedule (Remind me,Reminder users,Run application,Open website,Log off/Shut down/ Reboot PC) - Alert Notes Alert (Pop-up notes at start up***) - Sealed Message delivery to avoid trespassers observation - Pop-up User Chat Window using hot keys *** - Send Pre-set messages using hot keys *** - Log File for future reference - Nice Look & Feel for user friendly work environment - Interactive Features: Ideal user status, Emoticons, Popup notification when user Login/Logoff, Play sound etc Outlook Messenger is a user friendly and inexpensive stand alone Instant Messenger and Outlook plug-in communication tool. "Outlook Messenger" is an essential desk to desk Small and Corporate Office messaging tool.
Download Pocket PC Bulk SMS Software Pocket PC Bulk SMS Software - Professional SMS software sends bulk SMS from pocket PC to other mobile phones, Subcategory: Chat (IRC)
Price: 45 OS: Windows Size: 71 KB Version:
Pocket PC to mobile text messaging software sends unlimited numbers of SMS to all GSM and CDMA mobile phones from your laptop or desktop computer. PDA to mobile SMS utility provides an innovative facility for composing and sending text messages or sms to the group of mobile phone users just in a single click. SMS sending software is a communication service provider that can be useful for business marketing to send job alert notification, promotional or marketing campaign, business advertisement, share market information etc. Text messaging software supports all Unicode supported languages such as English, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi and send your SMS (Short Message Service) to all your friends, relative, family, colleagues. Software does not require internet connection for sending message.SMS promotion software has an interactive GUI facility which makes it very easy to use and operate. Software allows its users to maintain the phonebook in which phone numbers are stored. SMS broadcasting application supports all Smartphone and pocket PC such as Motorola MPx200, Motorola MPx220, Motorola MPx, Motorola Q Motorola CN620 "MOD", Motorola i930, Mitac Mio 8390, Mitac Mio 8380, O2 Xphone, Pantech PH-S8000T Smartphone, Orange SPV C550 Smartphone, Palm etc. Features: * Software can send group messages at both national and international mobile networks without any internet connection. * Utility sends job alerts, invitations, greetings, stock updates and event notification to the number of cell phone users simultaneously. * Software successfully works on all versions of windows Mobile operating system like Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5, and Windows Mobile 2003 * Software application is used to send text messages from PDA or pocket pc to other GSM or CDMA mobile phone users. * PC to mobile SMS software can send SMS in English or any other language which support Unicode.
Download Private Message Plus Private Message Plus 3.18 - IRC client, Subcategory: Chat (IRC)
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 967 KB Version: 3.18
Private Message Plus is an IRC client for with the unique feature to encrypt any chat (no matter if in channel, private query or DCC) with several strong encryption algorithms
Travel Dictionary Dutch PC 5.0 - Travel Dictionary Dutch -PC, Subcategory: Chat (IRC)
Price: 89.95 OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 7779 KB Version: 5.0
Vocabulary relating to food and enjoyment. Between 50,000 and 150,000 entries in total, consisting of culinary terms + basic and supplementary vocabulary as Freeware. Specific user data can be viewed separately in the user dictionary or together with the original data in the dictionary. Taking into account the new German spelling rules. Such entries are specially marked. Ideal for foreign trips and to make the acquaintance of the local culinary specialities. Extract from our "Goldversion" with over 600.000 entries from one language combination! Also available for WindowsCE, PocketPC, Mobile Edition, PalmOS and Epoc!
Video Userpic 1.0 - Video Userpic creates userpics from video!, Subcategory: Chat (IRC)
Price: 29.95 OS: WinME,WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 4648 KB Version: 1.0
At the present time many internet users has accounts for personal blogs, virtual communities, forums, livejournals. People communicate throught the world wide web for business, interests, hobbies or just for chatting. Every user has a userpic. A userpic is a digital image which a user of a virtual community uses to represent themself. Users typically choose a self-portrait as their userpic to further develop their online identity. Since userpics may describe anything, they can also include personal artwork, photography, or symbols from pop culture. Along with unique usernames and questionnaire profiles, userpics are one of the most effective ways to personalize one's presence within an online social network. Many users manipulate their userpics before they publish them using a bitmap graphics editor. But none of graphics editors can handle a video. But now everyone is able to create a Video Userpic! With a one single tool, such as Video UserPic. Video UserPic is a wizard tool for creating video userpics from any digital video files with video crop function. After you choose the right folder of the video and input it, you will be shown some video and audio parameters of the particular video file. The output file, which is Animated GIF userpic will be automatically saved in the same folder with remark and GIF extension, so you will not loose your userpic. Then you click "Next" and wizard redirects you to the second step. You will see the preview of the video file with a range bar, that you can manage for creating a GIF file and a smaller frame for cropping. Video UserPic is a Wizard so everything is simple and stuctured. You won't have to read a long complicated 'help' before you can start!
Download Boldchat Operator Client .NET Boldchat Operator Client .NET 2.31.1452.31842 - on-demand website chat, Subcategory: Chat (TCP)
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 2222 KB Version: 2.31.1452.31842
Boldchat Operator Client enables a webmaster to chat with visitors in real-time. After creating a free account, you are provided with the code to insert into your web pages, which will display a chat button for the visitor. When the button is clicked, the client application that runs on your computer will ring, and allow the operator to accept the chat and engage in a conversation with the visitor. The chat window launches instantly for the visitor, without the need for plug-ins or Java applets. It supports hyperlinks and the operator can also insert online images. The free version is intended for personal use, it has some features disabled and is limited to one concurrent operator, and you can only have one active chat. Boldchat Operator Client is easy to use, and works well. If your needs outgrow the free version, you can add additional options at monthly rates starting at $4.95.
Download Chat Anywhere Chat Anywhere 2.72a - easy to use chat server, Subcategory: Chat (TCP)
Price: $119.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1767 KB Version: 2.72a
Chat Anywhere is a chat server for real-time chatting, that enables you to create, manage and control web-based chat rooms , allowing anyone to chat with using just their web browser without the need to install additional software or plug-ins. The program is very easy to setup and works "right out of the box". You can use it via your LAN or the internet and host a chat server on your local PC. You can easily customize the appearance of your chat room, kick unwanted guests and block them by IP address if needed. Additional features include remote administration access, language filters, multi-language interface, chat logging and more.
Download DigiChat DigiChat 4.0 - Java Chat Server software, Subcategory: Chat (TCP)
Price: $499.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 13785 KB Version: 4.0
DigiChat is a Java chat server, that offers a full featured approach to community building online. It supports the open API ,which allows users to add unique features and tools to DigiChat (Bots) and extend the functionality. DigiChat comes with enhanced flood control features that can automatically kick or ban users who flood and spam the chat room. It supports file transfers between chatters, Private Messaging, text filtering (ChatWatch), fully skinnable interface and much more.
Download Easy Chat Server Easy Chat Server 1.5 - chat server, Subcategory: Chat (TCP)
Price: $139.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1002 KB Version: 1.5
Easy Chat Server provides an easy way to host your own chat server, that you can use to offer public or restricted chat rooms that can be accessed from the local network or the Internet. The chat works with any browser and does not require the use of plug-ins. You can maintain multiple chat rooms, each with its own administrator and optional guest logins, as well as a list of users and profiles. Easy Chat Server requires no technical experience, and you should have a fully functional chat server up and running in a matter of minutes. It can also run as NT service.
Download Vypress Chat Vypress Chat 2.0 - network chat program, Subcategory: Chat (TCP)
Price: $14.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 2031 KB Version: 2.0
Vypress Chat is a chat program, designed for office and home networks. It is fully self-configurable, works with both TCP/IP and IPX/SPX network protocols and doesn`t require a dedicated server. It automatically maintains a list of online users in the network, allowing you to contact them quickly. Vypress Chat is a flexible, integrated solution, designed for fast, trouble-free installation and operation. Features include custom macro keys for frequently used phrases, multiple channels, auto-answer/away, message filters, customizable colors and more. The program is available in three languages: English, German and Russian.
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