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MB Free Aromatherapy Dictionary Software 1.0 - This is a free online Aromatherapy Dictionary, Subcategory: Info Management
Price: 0.00 OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000 Size: 1393 KB Version: 1.0
MB Free Aromatherapy Dictionary Software is an extensive collection of words related to the field of aromatherapy, which is an alternative method of healing. This field is related to the sense of smell or aroma and the use of different oil, scents, fragrances and perfumes that can be used for the benefit of people. This software includes the different scents used and the different terminology with explanations. All terms have been clearly explained in simple language thus making it a useful resource for novices as well as experts. This FREE online aromatherapy dictionary is a very useful guide for easy and immediate reference. This explains the basics thus making aromatherapy an interesting topic of discussion.
MB Free Divination Dictionary 1.20 - The biggest free Divination Dictionary online, Subcategory: Info Management
Price: 0 OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000 Size: 1828 KB Version: 1.20
MB Free Divination Dictionary Software is the largest esoteric dictionary online with 5500 words +. This software is an easy reference of words and definitions related to Astrology, Tarot, Runes, Psychic, Numerology and Dream Interpretations. MB Free Divination Dictionary includes: ·Astrology Dictionary · Psychic Dictionary ·Tarot Dictionary ·Numerology Dictionary · Runes Dictionary · Dream Dictionary MB Free Divination Dictionary is Mystic Board’s latest offering in making the board the first and final destination for everything related to the mystic and divination world. This glossary describes all the basics as well as the definitions for the concepts used in the above fields. This is a wonderful resource for amateurs as well as experts. We aim to keep upgrading the resource till it is completely updated.
Medical Calendar 1.2 - An easy-to-use scheduler for doctors, Subcategory: Info Management
Price: $24.95 OS: Windows All Size: 5100 KB Version: 1.2
Medical Calendar is an easy-to-use scheduler for doctors that'll free you from a great deal of writing routine. This handy scheduling software will suit perfectly for a single physician as well as for a whole health center. It will help you to quickly create a competently organized schedule for the whole staff. If you want to have your reception hours at hand and don't want to miss any important job-related events, then Medical Calendar is just what the doctor ordered! Medical Calendar is delivered in a classy interface both intuitive and stylish, making schedule management a piece a cake. Each doctor can create a profile to run his personal schedule. You can instantly switch between profiles to view the schedule of any specialist at any given moment. For your convenience Medical Calendar also allows viewing multiple profiles at a time, to view the schedules of several or even all doctors simultaneously. The creators of Medical Calendar have done a great job in crafting the Date Navigator that makes the scheduler extremely easy-to-use. At any time you can jump to the required date, edit reception hours, patient data, etc. You can change time intervals from a detailed day schedule to a brief quarter overview in order to provide yourself with the most fitting schedule. What's more, you can choose vertical or horizontal timelines and 12 or 24 hours format. All information stored in Medical Calendar can be secured with a password preventing from unauthorized access. To safeguard your data, you can also take advantage of the adjustable Auto Backup feature and save the data to the secured archive. Additionally, the schedule can be exported to a variety of formats, including MS Outlook, XML, HTML, XLS, TXT. Thus you can use your schedule in different applications. When you need a printout of your schedule, you'll certainly appreciate the powerful Print Designer. It'll help you to print your schedule in the most convenient form, choosing from a number of templates
Millennia Calendar 2.0.0 - Calendars, holidays and astronomical events., Subcategory: Info Management
Price: 24.95 OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000 Size: 2595 KB Version: 2.0.0
Millennia Calendar displays date and time for any locations on the Earth; includes 12 traditional and modern calendars (Julian, Byzantine, Gregorian, Indian, Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, Ethiopian, Hebrew, Islamic, Khayam, Persian, Slavic-Aryan); spans over a period of 7 thousand years (4 thousand years into the past and 3 thousand years into the future); takes into account the fact that in some calendars (Hebrew, Islamic etc.) new date begins either at sunset or sunrise; displays holidays and memorial days of many countries and religions: Christianity (Orthodoxy and Catholicism), Judaism, Islam (Shia and Sunni) and Ingleaism; allows historical and astronomical years counting; displays time of rise, transit and set of the Sun, the Moon and Planets; displays dates of equinoxes and solstices; displays dates and types of solar and lunar eclipses; displays horizontal coordinates of the Sun, the Moon and Planets; allows to save calendar and the list of holidays to HTML document; allows to saves the list of astronomical events to HTML or CSV document. Most of the astronomical calculations use algorithms set forth in the book 'Astronomical Algorithms' by Jean Meeus. Accuracy of these calculations is sufficient for the demonstration of correlation of astronomic events and calendars.
Download Money Manager Money Manager - manage your personal finances, Subcategory: Info Management
Price: Free OS: 2000/XP Size: 611 KB Version:
Money Manager is an easy to use software to manage your personal finances. You can keep track of multiple accounts, manage recurring or upcoming bills and payees, reconcile with your bank statement and more. The program supports checking accounts, savings and credit card accounts, as well as Fixed Deposit and Portfolio accounts. The Outlook-style interface provides an overview for all your accounts and total balance. You can transfer money between account, create custom categories to organize your income/expenses and more. Money Manager provides just the right amount of features to make it convenient, yet simple to manage multiple accounts.
Download MrBills MrBills 2.0 - digitize your paper bills, Subcategory: Info Management
Price: $15.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 4524 KB Version: 2.0
MrBills allows you to get rid of your paper bills and store them in digital format on your computer. You can easily scan, categorize, and store your bills, statements, invoices, receipts, and other documents using your TWAIN compatible scanner. MrBills automatically creates and files the documents by account and date. All you need to do is set up your billing accounts (e.g Phone bill, water bill etc.) and then just press the Scan button to scan and digitize a new bill. The scanning part is very convenient it only requires a single click, the document is scanned, converted to TIFF format and stored without any further input required from. The program also bypasses the scanner interface, so there are no additional dialogs to deal with. Additional features include batch scanning, integrated image viewer, optional annotations, and more. If you ever thought of digitizing your documents, but never did, because it is too much work, you should try this tool!
Multi Project Planner 2.1 - Multi project management system., Subcategory: Info Management
Price: 148 OS: WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 4326 KB Version: 2.1
Multiple concurrent projects competing for shared resources is at the very focus of Multi-Project-Planner. The project activities are booked on a schedule, common to all work teams. I.e. the Gantt charts of the projects are superimposed upon this common schedule. This way both resource allocation and the interrelationships between the activities are handled in one and the same view. A feature called 'Hot potatoes' lets the system keep track of all the loose ends and little things while you concentrate on the planning issues at large or on a single issue at a time. Employees can be automaticaly allocated to work teams based on competencies and avaliability. Template projects can be formulated and dropped on the schedule several times. Just in time planning is possible using template projects and the "Best Fit Monitor". Decision points can be attached to each project activity. They will raise a flag when due. Look and feel of the familiar planning board. Interoperability through integrated web server.
Download My Notes Keeper My Notes Keeper 1.6 - , Subcategory: Info Management
Price: $29.95 OS: Windows Size: 3524 KB Version: 1.6
This software is ideal for storing notes, emails, images, URLs and document, etc. My Notes Keeper stores and represents your information in a comfortable and clear Tabbed and Tree-structured form, All items in a tree store as a note, so you can add many independent notes in one notebook. With powerful editor you can perform the MSWord-like text-formatting functions (font and paragraph styles, tables, images...).
MyBusinessCatalog Pro 4.6.4 - Create products catalogs on CD, Subcategory: Info Management
Price: 159 OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2003 Size: 3520 KB Version: 4.6.4
Do you need an electronic catalog to keep up with your customer's demands and to stay ahead of competition? Get MyBusinessCatalog and create your own CD catalogs easily. CD catalogs are easy to send or hand out, they are small, portable, can be quickly replicated, contain more information than their paper "peers", and, if automatic updates feature is present, never get outdated. MyBusinessCatalog is a program with wizard-like interface that lets you create your own CD catalogs in a step by step fashion. Simply add product names, descriptions, prices, pictures and other information about your products or services. You can even add your own order form so that your customers can place an order from inside the catalog. After all, the point of having a catalog in not only to show what items you have, but to make sales. Here is the best part of MyBusinessCatalog - it comes with the "smart catalog" feature. It means that you can hand out your CD catalog once and then make any changes to it. After your customers have installed your CD catalog onto their computers, they will have an option to receive automatic updates from you as soon as you make any changes to your catalog, like adding or removing items. So if you run out of something, for example, you can temporarily remove that position from your catalog or add "out of stock" sign, rather then having to deal with angry customers who already made their payments and can not receive their goods. Another great option is an ability to print out catalogs/price-lists from inside CD for folks who don't feel comfortable using CDs or want to take a print copy. Program's low price make this application ideal for small businesses and mom-and-pop shops that run operations on a shoe string budgets. Better yet, MyBusinessCatalog can be download and tried FREE of charge. Get you copy now and watch your business improve.
Download OpenCV OpenCV 3.15 - create and publish resumes, Subcategory: Info Management
Price: $22.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 12118 KB Version: 3.15
OpenCV enables you to easily create resumes, using a variety of templates. You can simply input your information, using form boxes for each section of the resume, and then generate the complete resume. You can choose to exclude selected sections, or switch between design templates without having to re-enter your information. The finished resume can be emailed, uploaded via FTP, printed, or exported to MS Word, HTML, XML or text.
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