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Download DataShowcase DataShowcase 3.0 - , Subcategory: Database Web Publishing
Price: $49.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 1734 KB Version: 3.0
DataShowcase can publish essentially any type of data to the web either as dynamic, searchable web pages or a set of linked static pages. There is support for data in Paradox, Access '97 and 2000 as well as CSV and Formatted text data files. Once your database is on the Internet, DataShowcase uses smart Java technology to show your web pages as they are needed. Your databases are searchable, including wildcards and partial word matches. There is no programming or CGI access required, so anyone with a web page can use DataShowcase.
Download DB to HTML Express DB to HTML Express 3.1 - publish a database, Subcategory: Database Web Publishing
Price: $129.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1861 KB Version: 3.1
DB to HTML Express is the template-based authoring tool for creating set of a linked HTML pages from your database. It combines the power of WYSIWYG HTML tables editing, page layout and design, graphics export and everything else you need to publish your database on the Internet. DB to HTML Express is great for producing fast, simple, static, data-driven HTML pages. Just choose your data source, select a format, and generate the HTML. It supports number of major databases such as MS SQL or Oracle and also handles any ODBC database, so you can use it with anything from Access to Informix. Once you ve selected a table, you can control the output by entering a SQL statement or loading a SQL script to be run against the data. When you publish your data, you can choose between index-card or datasheet-style formats, with control over fonts, colors, and alignment. You can also create and save your own templates to gain more control over the output. You may also export your data to simple text file or even to XML. DB to HTML Express takes all the guesswork out of designing and authoring database publishing projects from start to finish. You dont need to know any HTML or SQL in order to use the program. The tabbed design assists you through the publication process. You can also convert all your data to a single PDF file for presentations or online distribution.
Download Db2Html Db2Html 4.3 beta 1 - create HTML from a textfile database, Subcategory: Database Web Publishing
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 549 KB Version: 4.3 beta 1
Db2Html generates a html page from a textfile database. Use it to create lists over your albums, videos or use it as an addressbook. Autoindex for sorted databasefiles. Preview window for the outputfile and automatic upload to ftp server. You can also easy add directories to your database.
Download DB-HTML Converter PRO DB-HTML Converter PRO 1.3 - , Subcategory: Database Web Publishing
Price: $100.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 2973 KB Version: 1.3
DB-HTML Converter PRO is a tool that generates WEB pages and HTML reports from database files (Dbase, Paradox, Fox Pro, MS Access, DB2, Informix, InterBase, MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase,...). Without any additional HTML editor you can create a set of linked web pages that can be put immediately on your web server or viewed with your favorite browser. DB-HTML Converter PRO can be used by beginners as well as advanced users. Report creation is easy and fast. You can only select a database and fields to be included in the report and press GO push button. DB-HTML Converter PRO, then, begins generating HTML file(s) for the selected database. Advanced computer users will find many additional functions that give them flexibility in the report, web page creation process.
DTM Data Generator 1.16.00 - Simple data generator for database testing., Subcategory: Database Web Publishing
Price: 159 OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 1405 KB Version: 1.16.00
Database developers and administrators know the testing routine very well. One of the most unpopular tasks is creating data sets for testing new databases. On average, it takes several hours to several days of dull work, since each data set has to be created manually (copying and pasting at best), then different parameters have to be changed one by one to make sure everything works correctly. DTM Data Generator is a simple, powerful and fully customizable utility that generates data for database testing purposes. Great advantage of this software is that it is capable of creating a wide variety of test tables and supports user-defined templates. This data can then be easily inserted into a database. There are several ways of filling databases – randomly, by a mask, or with data from another table. Importantly, settings for each table are controlled separately. One data pack may contain multiple tables, each with own rules, value range and parameters, which makes using the tool very convenient. In addition, the program is capable of creating SQL statements for any operation. Moreover, this data generation tool resolves foreign keys integrity and order of tables in database automatically. DTM Data Generator is very straightforward and works very fast. It is a must-have tool for any database developer or administrator who wants to save time.
DTM Data Modeler 1.02.17 - Powerful CASE tool for database developers, Subcategory: Database Web Publishing
Price: 179 OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 1238 KB Version: 1.02.17
DTM Data Modeler is a CASE tool for database developers that supports both forward and reverse engineering. It is an easy-to-use tool allowing you to work both with logical and physical data models in the form of an entity-relationship diagram. The product is intended for database architects and developers and works with data sources via the ODBC, OLE DB, IDAPI or Oracle Call Interface, which means compatibility with all modern DBMS. Along with basic model properties (sets of entities and relationships between them), the program allows you to create indexes and triggers on the physical level corresponding to the tables of the database that is modeled. The foreign key migration feature makes schema development easier and more visual and also reduces the probability of errors in the integrity of the model. The program can create database schema objects directly in the database as well as to create SQL scripts corresponding to the model and taking into account the settings specified by the user. The built-in scale and print tools of the model allow you to get a visual representation of the model in the hard copy form for presenting or discussing it. Powerful reverse-engineering tools make it considerably easier to work with existing databases and also provide easy migration from other tools. Both full and selective generation of model objects is available to the user, which makes the product more flexible.
DTM DB Stress 1.03.07 - Utility for database stress testing, Subcategory: Database Web Publishing
Price: 159 OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 1073 KB Version: 1.03.07
DTM DB Stress is a utility for stress testing the server parts of information systems and database applications, as well as DBMSs and servers themselves. This tool allows you to create and configure a continuous set of requests to the server of the OLAP (query execution) and OLTP (adding, modifying and deleting data in the database) types. At the same time, the user can flexibly change both the number and the priority of this or that type of requests to a database or an application. The program is useful for any information system developer or any QA department employee who wants to make sure the product under development can work with a large number of simultaneous connections and concurring queries and transactions. Database administrators can use this utility to evaluate the current performance of servers and to make plans about increasing processing power. The stress tool supports all common database interfaces: ODBC, IDAPI, OLE DB, or even Oracle Call Interface. A test package consists of a set of tasks. Each task is an SQL statement that will be executed in a loop in the process of testing. Each task can be run as several copies running simultaneously in separate threads. Tasks have different properties and priority. DTM DB Stress is a true Win32 application, known to be compatible with the following operation systems: Windows 98 and ME, Windows 2000 family, Windows XP (Home and Professional), Windows 2003 Server family.
DTM Migration Kit 1.06.11 - Powerful yet simple data migration tool., Subcategory: Database Web Publishing
Price: 159 OS: Win98,WinME,WinXP,Win2000,Win2003 Size: 1177 KB Version: 1.06.11
Most companies running multiple databases have to deal with complex data import, export and migration issues. After all, importing, exporting or migrating data between different sources is very complicated and time consuming, especially if these data sources store data in different formats. This is where DTM Migration Kit comes to the rescue. This simple yet powerful data migration tool can work fully automatically after being set up only once. In addition to simple import, export or migration operations, the program supports setting custom transformation and flow control rules. Furthermore, DTM Migration Kit works with unified interfaces of ODBC and IDAPI as well as with Oracle Call Interface. It is capable of importing data from plain text, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Paradox files, DBF (dBase and FoxPro) files and exports data to plain text, RTF format (compatible with Microsoft Word), HTML, XML, as well as is capable of creating sets of SQL statements. Importantly, the export of large binary objects (also known as BLOBs) is supported as well. DTM Migration Kit uses wizard-like interface that has a very low learning curve and lets virtually any person perform complex data migration tasks. The program can be download and tried free of charge.
Download Query Web Query Web 1.5.28 - publish your Access .mdb to the web, Subcategory: Database Web Publishing
Price: Free OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 9110 KB Version: 1.5.28
QueryWeb is a product designed to build static, yet dynamic HTML Pages, Internet Channels, XML Scripts and all kinds of script languages, mixing it with your MS-Access data. Query Web uses its own tags to combine custom SQL queries with your template files, allowing you to join as many tables as you need, create data loops, IF statements and more. It can also generate files and directory structures with names based on field values in your database and much more. Query Web comes with a complete interface to manage every aspect of the publishing process, it provides detailed log files, a scheduling option and a variety of other powerful features. The program requires you to have some knowledge of SQL in order to use it to its full extend. QueryWeb requires an Access 97 compatible database as data source (you can convert an Access 2000 db to the 97 format). The program comes with basic documentation and working samples and support is offered via a user group as well.
Download Softsilver Transformer Softsilver Transformer 2.5 - convert data to XML, Subcategory: Database Web Publishing
Price: $150.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 1617 KB Version: 2.5
Softsilver Transformer converts your data into XML without any programming. It enables you to convert text files, Excel workbooks, Access databases or any other ODBC compliant data sources (SQL Server, MySQL etc.) into XML. Text files can be in fixed width column or delimited formats and you can extract data from spreadsheets or databases by either selecting a worksheet/table or running a SQL query and filter by columns and rows. The XML layout can be previewed and easily designed, using drag and drop. In addition, you can also automate your transformations using a command line utility (included). Softsilver Transformer provides an easy-to-use step, by step interface and detailed documentation.
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