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Download SbookBuilder SbookBuilder 10 - create a HTML ebook, Subcategory: HTML & eBook Compiler
Price: Free OS: 98/ME/2000/XP Size: 798 KB Version: 10
SbookBuilder is a simple and easy to use tool to generate a basic eBook or compiled web site. It can compile a selection of HTML pages into a standalone EXE file, complete with browser intewrface, search feature and optional printing. The interface is very basic but functional, and enables a HTML knowledgeable user to compile a site or eBook in a matter of minutes.
Download WebExe WebExe 1.55 - Compile HTML pages into e-books, Subcategory: HTML & eBook Compiler
Price: $39.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 1633 KB Version: 1.55
WebExe is a HTML compiler that will convert a single HTML page, or group of pages, into a standalone self-running EXE file with integrated browser. Users are given full control of the browser s attributes, functionality and behavior. Beginning from a single HTML page, WebExe goes through the complete (local) website or project, gathering all embedded graphics and linked pages, and produces one single, compressed output file. You can also password protect your exe file or have the password expire after a set period (e.g evaluation time). WebExe can automatically a search index for your site, so the user can search it for keywords.
Download WebPacker WebPacker 3.2 - compile html pages, Subcategory: HTML & eBook Compiler
Price: $99.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 3000 KB Version: 3.2
If you want to create interesting presentations, Help files to distribute with your programs, or a newsletter or magazine, and you already know HTML, check out WebPacker. It lets you package all HTML pages, linked images, and sounds in a single, compressed and encrypted self-running program. Your creations can include all the standard graphics formats, .avi video files, TrueType fonts, and sound files. WebPacker uses your existing HTML files, so you don't need to learn a new, special language. Because WebPacker is based on MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) technology, it supports the same formats that MSIE. Note: Ebooks created with the unregistered version can't be legally distributed and will cease to function after one week. To run eBooks create with WebPacker , it is requested to have Internet Explorer.
123Forms 3.6.0 - Create perfect, professional looking web form, Subcategory: HTML Editors
Price: 97 OS: WinXP,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,Windows2003 Size: 6222 KB Version: 3.6.0
Create perfect, professional looking web forms in minutes. Handles validation, totals, conditions, math functions. Use it for order forms, contact forms, expense reports, surveys, reservation forms, application forms. Easy to learn: Uses Excel as an editor. Set border, colors, fonts, size. Add images. Generated web forms can be used anywhere by anyone. All they need is a browser. No system administration skills needed: Works on any web server, since no scripts to install. It is just a plain web page that you publish as any other web page on your web site. 6 Months Free Support: Every purchase comes with 6 months of free email support. Free trial, 30 day money back guarantee. Example uses: Order forms with immediate calculation of totals, shipping costs, discounts, VAT. Contact forms: make it easy for your visitors to ask for more information, request quotes etc. Expense reports: Travel reimbursement forms can include mileage components and currency conversion calculators. Handle meals and entertainment expenses. Tailor the expense report for your specific business with your accounting codes. Time reports: Create a custom time reporting system for your company.
1st Page 2006 3.00 - Powerful HTML editior, Subcategory: HTML Editors
Price: 0 OS: Win95,Win98,WinME,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003 Size: 9208 KB Version: 3.00
Five years and 3,000,000+ downloads since the first release, Evrsoft brings you First Page 2006, the highly anticipated HTML editing software. Evrsoft First Page 2006 gives you unsurpassed freedom to create and edit web documents with absolute code control. The latest version includes hundreds of new features and bug fixes. First Page 2006 now includes full support for HTML, XHTML, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, Javascript, CSS, SSI and Perl. FirstPage 2006 is designed for professional web development. Create, Edit and deploy websites with absolute ease and precision. The integrated tools empower web developers to develop standards-based web documents, quickly and easily. What's New in FP2006 --------------------------------------------------- Tag Insight with SmartHistory™ CSS Insight with SmartHistory™ CSS Class Support & Auto Detection Advanced Syntax Highlighting Tag Document Selection Tool Local/Server Mappings Code Tree with PHP5, CSS2, HTML4 Dual Preview Engine Online Webmaster Tools Tag Property Sheet Inspector with SmartHistory™ Tag Auto Completion Design View Engine, Powered by Microsoft® Anti-Intrusive Real-Time Visual Source Rendering Engine™ Dual Edit System One Click Html Reference Guides Asset Management Extensive Web Language Support Tidy HTML Power Tools (updated) Document Checking Tools Over 1,500 Advanced iScripts™ Page color themes Popupmaker Deluxe Image Mapper CSS Style Sheet Designer Scrollbar Designer Powerful Server Side Includes Support Convert "HTML -> XHTML" or vice versa Sitetree/ Link Checking Tool Analyze Document/Page Estimation Tool Extendable Toolbars and Interface Interface Designed for All File Management Tools Image Thumbnails Rollover Images Internet explorer preview integration Netscape® Mozilla preview integration Powerful, Enhanced IDE Interface Powerful FTP client Extended Find & Replace In Files Photo Album Gallery Generator
3A PDF to HTML Batch Converter 2.00 - , Subcategory: HTML Editors
Price: 34.50 OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 1094 KB Version: 2.00
3A PDF to HTML Batch Converter is the fast, affordable way to convert PDF to the popular HTML file format, Its easy-to-use interface allows you to create HTML files from PDF by simply few clicks.
Download 40tude HTML 40tude HTML 3.4 - feature-rich HTML Editor, Subcategory: HTML Editors
Price: $35.00 (Free Trial) OS: 98/NT/ME/2000 Size: 3881 KB Version: 3.4
40tude HTML is a professional feature-rich HTML Editor. It has a unique CodeQuick feature, integrated publishing wizard, HTML viewer and image viewer, pre-defined JavaScripts, instant color coding, project management, template support, spell checker, to-do list support, a snippet libray and much more. Additional features include an Integrated link checker, Macro recorder, Automatic backup, Custom buttons as well as support for Perl scripts and the "run" feature to test your perl sripts from within 40tude HTML.
AceHTML 6 Pro 6.05.9 - Master Web site development., Subcategory: HTML Editors
Price: 69.95 OS: Windows Size: 8060 KB Version: 6.05.9
As Web design software, AceHTML 6 Pro is a very effective tool that allows you to build and manage professional Web sites with ease, control, and efficiency. By balancing power and flexibility, the AceHTML 6 Pro Web software meets the exacting needs of Web builders. With this Web page software you can take total control of your Web development project, thanks to an impressive array of design tools that provides extensive functionality and ease of use.
AceHTML Freeware 009 - Powerful free HTML Editor., Subcategory: HTML Editors
Price: 0 OS: Windows Size: 5092 KB Version: 009
A powerful, free HTML editor, AceHTML comes packed with outstanding features. Although this Web page software is completely free, it offers a solid collection of tools to help novices and professional webmasters build Web sites with speed, ease, and convenience. Simply put, AceHTML Freeware HTML editor beats every other paid-for HTML editor hands down. AceHTML is the best freeware HTML editor around—it is the best Web development software you can find. No other free HTML editor comes packed with so many features: - HTML Syntax Checker - International alphabet support - Windows XP compatibility - Code Explorer - 175 predefined DHTML and JavaScript codes - Powerful style sheet editor
Download AceHTML Pro AceHTML Pro 6.05.1 - HTML development suite, Subcategory: HTML Editors
Price: $49.95 (Free Trial) OS: 98/ME/NT/2000/XP Size: 5411 KB Version: 6.05.1
AceHTML Pro is a Web development tool for professional Web coders and programmers. It is packed with advanced tools, while still remaining flexible and easy to use. AceHTML Pro allows you to edit HTML tags, JavaScript events and Style Sheet properties in a snap. The working environment of AceHTML is completely customizable and provides fast document navigation using Code and Visual Explorers. In addition, ASP,PHP and WML managers provide the tools you need to code your Web pages with these scripting languages. It also provides access to more than 100 predefined DHTML & JavaScripts.
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